Pokemon Go Players Will Have To Walk Far Enough To Hatch Strange Eggs

All the Pokemon Go players and fans have to know that they will now have to walk a ton in order to hatch strange eggs as per the reports confirmed by the New Pokemon. 

Recently, Pokemon Go did officially confirm that they have added strange eggs in the game. These strange eggs will contain the sub-type of eggs that will be consists of a Dark-Type and Poison-Type pokemon.

You must know that these kinds of eggs will only be available by defeating Team-Rocket members and that is not an easy task as the players need to have a free egg slot when they are battling. 

One thing is sure that it will be beneficial for you to get strange eggs available in the game. These strange eggs are, of course, the only way to get Pawniard, Vullaby, and Sandile.

They are all added to the Pokemon Go as part of the game’s new event. You will be able to also get the new rare Pokemon Deino that is included in the Strange Egg pool. One thing that you have to keep in mind is that the new strange eggs are so easy to collect.

It is because there is no option to dispose of the eggs that you are going to get from PokeStops or from the gifts that your friends give you. 

You need to know that any player will have to walk around 12 KMs to hatch a single Strange Egg. it will also be possible to hatch a Strange Egg by walking around 9 KMs if you are using a super incubator.

During the current ongoing season, players can hatch it by only walking about 25 percent of the total distance required. 


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