Pokémon Go: Chenapan Season Eggs – Halloween 2021

The Chenapan Season has many surprises in store for Pokémon Go players. The Halloween 2021 event brings new features and new Pokémon available in eggs. Here is all you need to know.

As some players may already know, Pokémon that hatch from eggs depend on the rarity of the eggs.

Eggs can be obtained by going to PokéStops or Arenas, then spinning the PhotoDisk, opening gifts, or defeating the leaders of Team GO Rocket.

As the Chenapan Season brings big changes as well as some exciting new features, so it’s not so surprising to learn that the list of Pokémon that can be obtained from Eggs is also shaken up.

List of Eggs of the Chenapan Season in Pokémon Go

Chenapan season on Pokémon Go all eggs

The Chenapan Season has plenty of surprises in store for Pokémon Go eggs!

Here is the official list of Eggs for the Chenapan Season event on Pokémon Go:

2 km eggs

  • Barloche
  • Baudrive
  • Fluvetin
  • Helion cub
  • Media
  • Nidoran♂
  • Nidoran♀
  • Passerouge
  • Sapereau
  • Sucroquin
  • Tylton
  • Wailmer

5 km eggs

  • Airmure
  • Azurill
  • Feunnec
  • Frog
  • Korillon
  • Marisson
  • Otaria
  • Pomdepik
  • Benefix
  • Togepi

7 km eggs

  • Goupix d’Alola
  • Alola Meowth
  • Racaillou d’Alola
  • Sabelette d’Alola
  • Tadmorv d’Alola
  • Alola Tapper
  • Canarticho de Galar
  • Darumarond de Galar
  • Limonde de Galari
  • Miaouss de Galar
  • Ponyta de Galar
  • Zigzaton de Galar

10 km eggs

  • Carpenter
  • Coupenotte
  • Darumarond
  • Emolga
  • Furaiglon
  • Kungfouine
  • Mucuscule
  • Nanméouïe
  • Psystigri
  • Riolu
  • Sonistrelle
  • Tic

12 km eggs

  • Absol
  • Baggiguane
  • Embrylex
  • Mascaïman
  • Pandespiègle
  • Qwilfish
  • Rapion
  • Scalpion
  • Onlychi
  • Vostourno

Eggs won in Halloween 2021 event rewards

Pokémon Go halloween 2021

Pokémon Go celebrates Halloween 2021 with new eggs!

Pokémon Go’s Halloween 2021 event brings even more eggs! Of October 15 to 22, will take place the first part: Companions Nightmares. Of October 22 to 31, will take place the second part: Scary Friends.

Eggs 7 km – Nightmare Companions

  • Feuforêve
  • Funecire
  • Gringolem
  • Korillon
  • Mimigal
  • Polichombr
  • Tutafeh de Galar

Eggs 7 km – Scary Buddies

  • Brocelome
  • Feuforêve
  • Funecire
  • Gringolem
  • Mimigal
  • Polichombr
  • Tutafeh de Galar

Eggs earned in Exploration Tracking rewards

Pokémon Go Eggs Tracking Exploration Chenapan Season

Fighting-type Pokémon Riolu is included in the Chenapan Season egg list on Pokémon Go

The Chenapan Season includes a number of Exploration Tracking rewards, which offer 5km and 10km eggs.

Below are the Pokémon that can be obtained from this type of egg:

Eggs 5 km (Exploration Tracking rewards)

  • Anchwatt
  • Dinoclier
  • Flingouste
  • Skulls
  • venalgue
  • Viscous

Eggs 10 km (Exploration Tracking rewards)

  • Draby
  • Minidraco
  • Riolu
  • Onlychi
  • Sonistrelle
  • Terhal

Chenapan Season Date on Pokémon Go

The Chenapan Season on Pokémon Go takes place from Wednesday September 1, 2021 at 10 a.m. until Wednesday December 1, 2021 at 10 a.m., local hour.

The Chenapan Season also introduces a number of other features and changes to Niantic’s mobile game, including the arrival of Hoopa, strange events, and multiple Pokémon that will appear in specific places. For more information, do not hesitate to take a look at our article from the Chenapan Season on Pokémon Go.

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