Pokémon Go Best Regielki Moveset

Pokémon Go Best Regielki Moveset:

In Pokémon Go, you can add different Pokémon to your team. Each Pokémon has different stats and moves it’s able to learn inside the mobile game. Some of these Pokémon, like Regieleki, are legendary, which means they are some of the strongest in the game.

Regieleki’s Pokemon GO debut here is. By taking part in April’s Elite Raid event as well as beating the creature in battle, players could indeed catch the electric-type legendary titan.

After you catch a Pokemon, you are able to utilize it in both PvE and PvP battles. Since Regieleki is new to Niantic’s mobile game, it’s possible that not everyone knows which moves work best with its way of fighting.

Regieleki Can Only Learn Few Moves:

Regieleki can only learn a few moves, but if you choose the right ones, it can be a good choice for a mobile game, especially given its stats. Here’s the information you require to understand to teach Regiela the best set of moves in Pokémon Go.

Regieleki’s Best Move Set:

Regieki is only a Pokémon that can use electricity. Ground-type moves are the only ones that can hurt it. Electric, Flying, as well as Steel-type moves can’t hurt it.

Regielki acts more like a glass cannon than the other legendary Regi Pokémon. It has a high attack stat but a very low defense stat.

Because of this distinction, you should mostly use it as an aggressive choice in PvE fights. You should use this to beat your opponent. But because it does so much damage, it’s not a good idea to use it against other players. Instead, use it against Team Rocket or in low-level raids.

All Regieleki Fast Attacks:

Lock On 1 damage and 5 energy per turn 1 turn
Thunder Shock 3 damage and 4.5 energy per turn 2 turns

Even though Lock On now and Thunder Shock both give out about the same amount of energy, Lock On is better. It’s an attack that only happens once per turn.

It does much less harm than Thunder Shock, but Regieleki requires all the energy that it has to use its Charged Attacks, which are much stronger.

All Regieleki Charged Attacks:

Hyper Beam 150 damage and 80 energy
Thunder 100 damage and 60 energy
Zap Cannon 150 damage and 80 energy

You can choose between Hyper Beam, Thunder, and Zap Cannon for Regieleki’s charged attacks. Thunder is going to be the ideal choice without a doubt.

It’s a charged attack with low energy that does a good amount of damage. But if you don’t want your second choice to do the same kind of damage, Hyper Beam is a good choice.

It deals the same damage rating as Zap Cannon. Hyper Beam doesn’t have a chance to debuff, but it does damage in a different way than Thunder.

Pokémon Go Regielki Counters:

Okay, trainers, elite raids are hard, so it will take some work to catch Regieleki. First of all, we suggest a battle party of at least six, or at most five, depending on your level as well as the strength of your Pokémon.

Next, Regielaki is an electric Pokémon by nature, so ground Pokémon are your best bets. Here are some Pokémon that can help you beat Regiel in Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Form Fast Move Charged Move
Groudon Primal Mud shot Precipice blades
Garchomp Regular Mud shot Earth power
Ursaluna Regular Tackle High horsepower
Rhyperior Regular Mud slap Earthquake
Landorus Therian Mud shot Earthquake
Exadrill Regular Mud slap Drill Run
Swampert Mega Mud Shot Earthquake


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