Poco’s Country Director Explains Why Some Poco Phones In India Are Redmi Devices Rebranded

Despite being an independent brand, Poco is still using several resources from Xiaomi such as its software, MIUI, manufacturing plants, and many more. 

As you all may know about the rebirth of Poco when the brand was separated from Xiaomi to become an independent brand earlier this year. However, you must also know that although Poco is currently an independent brand, there are many resources of Xiaomi that the brand uses.

The resources include MIUI, Software, Manufacturing Plant, and so on. In fact, as per the recent reports, there are some phones that the brand launched are some of the rebranded versions of some of the previously launched Redmi phones. 

It is sure that the recently launched Poco C3 that you may currently find in the wide market is definitely a rebranded version of the Redmi 9C smartphone. While the Poco M2 Pro is also an addition to the rebranded version of the Redmi Note 9 Pro.

Also, there are several other models that the independent brand Poco launched which are similar in the design, looks, performance, and features to some smartphones of the Redmi brand. You must know that the Poco X2 which was launched last year did also happen to be a rebranded version of the Chinese Redmi K30.

The more surprising fact is that the Country Director of Poco, Anuj Sharma feels that the rebranded versions of the Redmi devices are better and offer better quality and value of products to each and every user. 

As of today, Poco currently offers up three line-ups and that will include Poco C, X, and M series. But this will include the F series of the independent brand, Poco. Some smartphones are launched as the rebranded versions of the Redmi devices while others are completely new ones.

That is why Anuj Sharma believes that Poco is a new brand that is manufacturing and developing new phones for every series. Therefore it is a tough and hard task to develop a series of smartphones. So the company uses the Xiaomi company’s resources and improvises its existence on top of it. 

It is sure that choosing the Poco brand to purchase the rebranded versions of Redmi devices will be beneficial for you as the quality and performance of the Poco smartphones are excellent along with great design.


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