Plus belle la vie: will the actors return if the series is saved?

Would the actors of Plus belle la vie be ready to return to the series if the end of it is avoided? We tell you everything!

More beautiful life, it’s almost over! But would the actors be ready to return if the stop was avoided? MCE TV tells you everything!

End clap for Plus belle la vie

The announcement had the effect of a bomb in the community of fans of Plus belle la vie. After 18 years on the airthe French series ends.

Fans have also learned that the last episode of their favorite series will air in November next. In the meantime, the news has caused a lot of ink to flow and aroused strong reactions.

Those who are most affected by this judgment are obviously the actors. Without too many surprises. The latter did not hesitate to push rants to make their voices heard.

But some rumors say that the Plus belle la vie series could migrate to another channel of the TF1 group. Although it remains only rumors, it made the actors of the French soap react.

If this rumor was true, will the actors of the series agree to continue? This is a possibility that Elodie Varlet, Simon Erlacher, Bryan Trésor and Lola Marois have already thought about. Besides, Anthony Dupray thinks that the series is not going to stop.

The interpreters of Estelle, Romain, Baptiste and Ariane confided in the magazine PRBK. But they seem to have already made up their mind.

« For us, it stops. We are there. We can’t always tell ourselves maybe, maybe. » says Elodie Varlet. The actress who plays the role of Estelle in Plus belle la vie also explains that she has no news on a possible sequel to the series.

Do the actors want to continue?

The end of the series More beautiful life is fast approaching. But as sequel rumors continue to swirl, the cast wonders if they really want to continue.

« It will depend on how it is done, what we are offered, there are plenty of parameters. » explains Simon Ehrlacher. The one who plays the Dr Romain Vidal in More beautiful life would therefore not be totally against it.

“If there is a spin-off or if Plus belle la vie is taken up on another broadcaster, it will be different. He’ll want to put something else in there, maybe there won’t be all the characters anymore.” explains for her part Elodie Varlet. What about Bryan Trésor and Lola Marois?

The two actors seem to have a more decided opinion on the question. Indeed, for them it’s an opportunity to do something else.

“We are excited about new adventures. We find it to be a blessing in disguise. Me, I’m not sure I want to continue if there was perhaps a sequel elsewhere. I take it as a sign of fate.” entrusts the interpreter of Ariane to PRBK.

If the production of Plus belle la vie decides to continue the adventure, it therefore risks having to do so without its current actors. Fans, meanwhile, seem to be having a hard time coming to terms with the end of their favorite series.


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