People Can Fly intends to develop AA alongside AAA

People Can Fly account step up. The Polish studio behind Outriders has just announced a change in strategy: from now on, it will be a question of developing double A in addition to the usual triple A.

People Can Fly intends to come out one game per year from 2024, as described on the company’s website.

(i) increase the portfolio of games produced by the Group with games from the AA segment, on the assumption that with shorter production times, tighter budgets and more moderate visions, they will be comparable in quality to games of the AAA segment;

(ii) develop AAA and AA games in new genres, not yet within the scope of the Group’s operations, as well as (iii) the acquisition of new production teams or new entities engaged in the production of video games in new areas of the Group’s operations, for example in the new AA segments and genres other than shooters and action RPGs.

In line with People Can Fly’s assumptions, the objective of the new strategy is for the Group to become one of the most important development studios in the world, and that from 2024 onwards it will achieve the objective of ” an annual release for games produced by the Group in cooperation with a publisher or according to the self-publishing model.

Rethinking the Group’s strategy does not imply any change in the objectives defined for the Group’s previous strategy. On this point, People Can Fly confirms that it is perpetuating the Group’s business model which consists of the simultaneous production of several games in the triple A segment in cooperation with world-renowned publishers, as well as the development of AAA self-produced productions. editing.

People Can Fly therefore continues to expand its influence after acquiring its eighth studio, Phosphor Games.


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