Part of Caldera de Warzone seems to have been discovered –

A few days before the release of Season 1 of Vanguard x Warzone, a bug seems to have revealed part of Caldera, the new map of the Battle Royale.

While players at Warzone and Vanguard recently learned that the release of Season 1 has been delayed for a few days, famous content creator JGOD seems to have discovered something that will keep you waiting.

On November 20, during a game on the iconic Shipment map that returned to Vanguard, the Warzone specialist was able to take advantage of a camera glitch that allowed him to go off the map .

And thanks to this rather astonishing glitch, he thinks he has discovered part of the next Battle Royale map, Caldera.

Warzone Pacific

Warzone fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new map that will replace Verdansk.

Camera bug appears to reveal Warzone’s new map, Caldera

While flying around Shipment, JGOD noticed that a lot of mountains resembling the ones shown in the first images of Caldera were present.

We can also notice the presence of a small town that appears to be the same one that had leaked through a visiting card on Warzone.

A military fleet is also visible, which seems to confirm the Naval Shipyard location that was also leaked on the new Battle Royale map.

Obviously, we advise you to take all this information with a grain of salt. Those parts of maps that are visible outside of Shipment could well be prototypes for future maps to come for Vanguard multiplayer.

Either way, we don’t have much time to wait until we discover Warzone Pacific’s new map, Caldera as it will be available on Thursday, December 9.


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