Parental controls on YouTube or restricted mode: how to activate it

Thousands of videos are posted to YouTube every hour. At the speed they are loaded, it’s hard to sort the wheat from the chaff. But the moderation team does a remarkable job of crowding out inappropriate content. There are also millions of contents which do not violate the conditions of the platform and which are therefore available to everyone without necessarily being suitable for the youngest. To protect them, here’s how to activate parental controls or restricted mode on YouTube.

YouTube parental controls

According to a recent study by the French Federation of Telecoms, most parents do not use parental control in general. YouTube houses countless videos. Many of these are great for kids, whether for educational or fun purposes, like the content on YouTube Kids. Children can easily find videos of their favorite characters.

With the classic version, they are not immune to inappropriate content. To avoid this kind of video, the platform integrates a restricted mode which also acts as parental control.

YouTube: how to activate parental controls

There are tons of videos on YouTube that are violent, shocking, or sexual in nature. So much content that is not always suitable for the youngest. To make them inaccessible to them, here’s how activate parental control.

From a web browser

  • Go to the YouTube site
  • Sign in to your Google account by clicking Sign in in the upper right corner
  • Click on the profile icon at the top right then Restricted mode completely down
  • Toggle the switch under Activate restricted mode.Activate restricted mode

Note that this setting, once saved on YouTube, applies at the browser level and not just the Google account you’re logged in to. In other words, even in the event of disconnection or connection to another account, the restricted mode remains activated.

Activate restricted mode on a smartphone or tablet

In the mobile version of YouTube, parental controls are activated differently. To do so, go to Settings> General settings. Flip the switch next to restricted mode to activate it.

There you go, it’s that simple. According to YouTube, the filtering system is very reliable, even if it is not 100%. However, you can let your children have fun on the platform with peace of mind. That’s the point.


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