Parcoursup 2023: advice from a school dropout specialist!

An orientation specialist gives advice to high school students before the end of the wishes on Parcoursup. A difficult time for many.

It is not necessarily easy to navigate with Parcoursup. So, a school dropout specialist gives her advice during an interview for 20 minutes. The opportunity to see a little more clearly for those who doubt. We tell you more.

Parcoursup: advice from a pro

The clock is ticking and getting closer to the dead line. In effect, high school students have until March 9 to make their wishes on Parcoursup. So, in this final stretch, the stress is very present. And doubt also often invites itself to the party.

Elisabeth Elkrief, director of AlphaOmega then gives advice to high school students. During an interview for 20 minutes, the director tries to guide the young people in this very hard choice. For her, this moment is a key moment that should allow us to question ourselves.

But also to make the right choice. And that’s what stresses high school students with Parcoursup. The impression of playing everything with this choice. Already, if you are lost with the inscription, we give you some advice to succeed as it should.

For Elisabeth Elkrief, this period must be a time to ask the right questions. ” What is their dream? Who they are ? What do they like and dislike? Are they more creative or serious? »

These questions help to make a choice on Parcoursup. Know which school or training to go to. Moreover, we observe that there is less and less requests for larger schools. Especially from students in rural areas.

Knowing how to ask the right questions

Thanks to these questions, high school students will already be able to see a little more clearly about Parcoursup. But the director understands the stress. “There are a myriad of avenues of study and I can understand that some feel lost. I believe that the first choice must be dictated by desire. “.

Often, high school students are also afraid of making mistakes. To make a wish but to regret it. And according to Elisabeth Elkrief, there is no wrong choice. She explains for 20 minutes. « The choices we make are not irreversibles, especially since we are constantly building bridges between sectors”.

The director also warns about the choice to please the parents. This Parcoursup moment can be a family moment, of mutual aid. But we must accompany without dictating a choice. Otherwise, school dropout could quickly happen.

High school students dread the time of admission. Because nowadays, it is not necessarily easy to have your first wish. Especially since not all high schools grade the same way. This is very different between public and private, for example.

But the most important thing for the director is to choose a path that they like. “Reflection must above all be personal. Young people have to find a course that suits them. Finding a job is abstract for them”.

Now all you have to do is connect to Parcoursup. Don’t forget, you have until March 9 to fulfill your wishes. So don’t delay too long. You still have a few weeks to change your mind.


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