Outriders lands on the PC Game Pass

Pew Pew says the race master

Although received lukewarm by critics last April, Outriders, shooter RPG signé People Can Fly (Painkiller, Bulletstorm …), managed to arouse a significant interest on the side of the players who were more than 3 million to answer present during the first month of operation. A success due in large part to the availability of the game on Xbox Game Pass upon its release.

The last few months have nevertheless been rather hollow for the young ip, despite the initial enthusiasm. The energetic shooter of people who can fly could return to the limelight, however: starting tomorrow, Outriders will be available on the PC Game Pass.

From October 19, therefore, Outriders joined the PC Game Pass catalog, as announced by Xbox Wire. Progress can also be transferred from the Xbox and Windows versions., provided you use the same account on each of the platforms. Note, however, that this function cross-save is unavailable from other consoles or PC platforms (Steam, Epic Games Store …).

Finally, to attract customers, the pack “Hell’s Rangers” will be offered with a 10% discount for Game Pass users. Exclusive armor and weapons are the key, the mods of which provide a boost for an easier start to the campaign.

To see now if this “new release” is accompanied by a significant renewed interest in the RPG shooter, on which Square Enix is ​​betting a lot. Who knows, it might even motivate the publisher to pay the royalties to the developers on time.


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