Outer Banks: 3 new characters will land in season 3!

Season 3 of Outer Banks is becoming clearer with the confirmation of three new characters in the cast of the Netflix series.

While season 3 of Outer Banks is eagerly awaited, information comes to bring something new. Three new characters are confirmed in the cast of the series. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Outer Banks: a very popular series

The Outer Banks series landed on our screens in the midst of a pandemic, in April 2020. This Netflix series tells the adventures of John B, Sarah, Kiara, JJ and Popesearching for ancient treasure in the waters of North Carolina’s Outer Banks.

The series, by its sets and its scenario, is conducive to travel and escape. This contributed a lot to its success, especially since the whole world remained locked up at home because of the confinement.

Very quickly, the idea of ​​a season 2 seduced the streaming platform. Outer Banks season 2 is coming out in July 2021. John B and Sarah are fugitives. Determined to recover the gold, the couple then find themselves embarked on a new quest.

Season 2 then ends with huge revelations, especially about John B. Since then, all the fans are eagerly waiting for season 3 d’Outer Banks. To wait, they even create theories.

For example, some believe and hope that Kiara and JJ will be a couple in season 3. ” I think that if there are scenes that really bring them together, so why not ? But I don’t think you’ve seen enough scenes of just the two of them yet.”confided the actress Madison Bailey to Us Weekly.

Precisely, this season 3 begins to reveal itself. New characters are already confirmed. MCE TV tells you more!

Season 3 is revealed

For a few months, season 3 ofOuter Banks gradually unfolds. Madelyn Cline, interpreter of Sarah, had already given some clues on the rest of the series.

“Sarah will have a lot of determination and emotions towards her family. We haven’t seen her fend for herself with her family in recent seasons. So this time we will see it! »she told E! News.

“I’m really excited about everything we’ve shot and everything I’ve read so far”, she added. In the script, maybe Madelyn Cline could have glimpsed the arrival of new characters for season 3 ofOuter Banks.

In effect, three new characters are confirmed for the next season. Fans will get to know Carlos Singh, played by comedian Andy MacQueen, a fearsome treasure hunter.

Actor Lou Ferrigno will play Ryan, a security officer. Finally, actress Fiona Paloma will also join the cast of the series. The young woman will lend her features to the character of Sofia and will get closer to Raf, Sarah’s brother.

The series is currently filming. Netflix has not announced no official release date. Besides, no trailer was released either.

But there is no doubt that these three new characters will bring their share of surprises. As a reminder, the group of friends must flee the Outer Banks. In addition, season 3 will provide a better understanding of the family issues of John B. Case to follow!


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