Orange is attacking Free with its new, cheaper, no-obligation plans

The number one French telecom company has just shared four new offers for mobile phones. These are non-binding as for Sosh or other RED by SFR and B & You subscriptions, which means that users will have the option to cancel in the blink of an eye. Handy, when you know that ISPs are regularly singled out for deceptive marketing practices.

Less expensive plans with no commitment

The first package offers 70 GB of mobile data in 4G for 14.99 euros per month for one year (for new customers only). A price which then climbs to 29.99 euros per month. By way of comparison, the similar subscription offered by Bouygues Télécom is compatible with 5G and starts at 16.99 euros per month the first year, against 25.99 euros per month thereafter.

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Orange has also announced a more expensive subscription that can this time connect to 5G antennas at 14.99 euros per month for 120 GB for one year, against 26.99 euros per month thereafter for those who also have a Livebox. A 130 GB 5G package – but accompanied by a smartphone – is also part of the game, but for 29.99 euros per month the first year for new customers against 64.99 euros per month thereafter. Here too, Pack Open customers are entitled to reduced rates.

At last, for small purses, Orange offers the 2h 100 MB package without commitment (blocked or not) at 2.99 euros per month for twelve months then 7.99 euros per month after this period. SMS and MMS are obviously unlimited.

Availability of new Orange packages

Orange’s new no-obligation plans are available today, Thursday, October 7. You can find them on the operator’s official website, at this address. It is always possible to add a mobile phone or accessories to its order, at an additional cost depending on the price of the device. The advantage of plans without commitment and without mobile nevertheless lies in the choice, precisely, to change supplier without having to invest in equipment.

Having deployed 239 4G antennas in June 2021, Orange today remains the operator that covers the most territory in France. The company also markets connected objects as well as a banking offer.

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