Orange begins to abolish the “old-fashioned” landline telephone on October 15

Deployed in the 1970s, switched telephone network technology (or PSTN) is still used today by a large number of French people, anxious to maintain a “good old classic telephone line“. However, according to Orange, this same PSTN technology no longer makes it possible to meet new needs, which is why the French operator will modernize its fixed telephone network in France… by eliminating the PSTN.

The end of RTC technology

Please note, however, that this does not in any way mean the complete end of fixed telephony in France. In reality, it is the PSTN that will gradually be extinguished, to make way for IP technology (for Internet Protocol). The latter has become a worldwide standard, and every French person will soon be able to rely on this technology to make their telephone calls via a landline, without any obligation to subscribe to any Internet offer.

Orange specifies that the announcement of the zones chosen to switch to 100% IP is made 5 years in advance. Also, the municipalities affected by the closures of the first PSTN zones at the end of 2023 and at the end of 2024, were respectively announced at the end of 2018 and the end of 2019. The whole aim is to eliminate the PSTN technology and the direct connection of your telephone to the “T” wall socket. ”, By a fixed box which will be added between the telephone socket and the telephone.

If for the majority of French people, the change is rather distant, for others, it is imminent. Indeed, to anticipate the changes linked to the technical shutdown of PSTN accesses, Orange has chosen a representative area comprising six municipalities in South Finistère (Concarneau, Rosporden, Melgven, Elliant, Saint-Yvi, Tourch) and one municipality in Ile-de-France. de-France (Osny). If you live in one of these cities, on October 15, 2021, the PSTN technology will stop throughout the territory of your municipality, regardless of the telecommunications operator.

So, to continue to benefit from your fixed telephony service (and your possible Internet service using your traditional fixed line), without interruption of service, it is essential to contact your operator and choose now an offer adapted to your needs on the new IP technology. You have been warned.


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