Orange attacks its Black Friday, the price of packages collapses (-65%)

While we are now within ten days of Black Friday, Orange has decided to unveil some valuable offers on various products. In addition to smartphones and the few accessories in (slight) decline, what interests us is its 70 GB package. The latter takes a monumental slap and falls at an unprecedented price.

On the home page of the operator’s site, this offer is highlighted quite explicitly. You can get this subscription with unlimited calls, SMS and MMS as well as 70 GB (throughout Europe) for 9.99 euros per month. For comparison, this package is available by default at a price of 29.99 euros. For this Black Friday, the price of 9.99 euros is valid for the first year.

To take advantage, the code BF2021 should be used here:

See the offer on Orange

Before going into the precise details of this offer, there are several things to keep in mind. The first is that Orange has put an end to offers with commitment: its entire range of packages is now without commitment (like those of its low-cost brand Sosh), including this one. Then, Orange is also the one with the best network coverage in France: you can rest assured about the quality of the signal. Finally, this offer ends on November 22.

What does this Orange Black Friday package contain?

With this special offer for the Black Friday period, Orange has caught all of its rivals by surprise. The incumbent operator was also a forerunner a few weeks ago by removing the contract with commitment from all its mobile subscriptions. Bouygues Telecom or SFR did not do the same, fearing to see their subscribers go elsewhere.

Orange is definitely positioned as one of the big engines on the market. By removing the commitment of its premium subscriptions, it now offers as much flexibility as its Sosh brand. The latter is however less premium on several points, such as customer support. By opting for an Orange package, you will always have the right to access physical stores and customer support has priority (over that of Sosh).

Coming now to the content of the 70 GB package put forward for Black Friday, here is what it is. You will first have all unlimited calls, SMS and MMS throughout France, the European Union, the French overseas departments, Switzerland and Andorra. In other words, whether you call a French number or a foreign number from one of these regions, you will not pay anything.

See the offer on Orange

With regard to the volume of data, Orange is also ahead of its competitors. You can use these 70 GB in France as well as throughout the EU, the French overseas departments, Switzerland and Andorra. Orange is the only operator to include all these zones in this total envelope. In most cases, its rivals require you to subscribe to international options to obtain data abroad.

Orange Black Firday

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In terms of quality and price, Orange is doing very well with this Black Friday package. Whether its historical rivals or even MVNOs, no operator is able to deliver as well. Not only do they not manage to match the volume of data in relation to the price, but above all they cannot have the quality of service from Orange. Orange has the best antenna network in France (according to ARCEP) but it also has the best customer service.

How to get this package at a reduced price?

Orange does not explicitly display on the 70 GB mobile plan that it is 9.99 euros. You have to go to the page dedicated to this Black Friday offer to find out how to get this subscription at an unbeatable price. The explanations are relatively simple to lower the final price of this formula.

Once you have selected the 70 GB package at 14.99 euros, you will need to complete a subscription form. At the end, you will have a field reserved for promo codes. It is in this one that you will then have to enter the code BF2021 to lower the price. While this mobile plan is displayed at 14.99 euros for the first year, it will drop to 9.99 euros with the code in question. It is therefore 20 euros cheaper than the default price.

Beyond the first year, the operator transparently displays the return of the price to the standard level (29.99 euros per month). Because this subscription is non-binding, you will not be blocked – neither before nor after these 12 months. You can therefore very well cancel if you consider that the price increase is not justified. Orange will not hold you back.

Are there any hidden charges for this 70 GB Black Friday plan? No. Orange simply asks you to pay a fixed cost of 10 euros for your new SIM card. If you come from the competition, the operator allows you to keep your number at no cost. The transfer will be initiated when you have retrieved your RIO code (by calling 3179 free of charge).

To see this package, it’s here:

See the offer on Orange


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