OnePlus Confirms Another Exciting Feature Of Upcoming OnePlus 8T Smartphone

There are so many people that are waiting for the launch of the upcoming amazing feature OnePlus 8T Smartphone. As we move closer to the launch of OnePlus 8T, there are several details about the smartphone that is getting revealed.

Also, this time the details of the revelation comes directly from the Ceo and Founder of the company, Leu Pete. 

Yes, Pete Lau, the founder of OnePlus has taken to the OnePlus’ forums in order to reveal the amazing feature of the upcoming OnePlus 8T. That is OnePlus six will feature “Glass Material”. Pete Lau said, “OnePlus 8T’s glass design is centered around creating a “sense of value” and ‘premium hand-feel’.” 

Well, it is sure that most people will relate anything and everything to the products they use in their day to day life. As you now know that the new and upcoming smartphone by one of the biggest brands, OnePlus 8T has a glass body, it will communicate a transparent, bright, and pure feeling.

The way with which the glass body smartphone will transfer itself according to lights of the surrounding atmosphere, it is quite an important challenge. Also, you must know that the OnePlus 8T design team has to go through and tested over 70 glass prototypes before they have settled up for the best one.

The blogpost of the OnePlus Ceo also informs that the glass back of the OnePlus 8T has five printed layers of nanotech coating. That is, of course, the first one in the entire industry of smartphones.

The blog post states, “We applied 5 layers of Nanotech Coating instead of 3, even though the degree of separation between each layer is extremely subtle and tough to discern.”

We know that most of you will be eagerly waiting to know about the launching date, but OnePlus did not reveal the launching date of OnePlus 8T yet.

However, it is confirmed that the handset of OnePlus 8T will be available for all the enthusiastic and interested users to purchase on Amazon, one of the best e-commercial websites.

Amazon is also providing the user with an option of “Notify Me” for all the users who want to get notified whenever the OnePlus 8T is available to purchase. Most people want to get the OnePlus 8T variant including 8Gb RAM and 256Gb storage for speed and performance.


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