Why OnePlus 6 May Be Bigger than OnePlus 5 and Come With a 5.7-Inch (or Larger) Display

  • OnePlus hasn’t increased or decreased the screen size ever from 5.5-inches
  • The bezel-less trend is going to intensify in next few months
  • So we may probably see a OnePlus 6 with 5.7-inch display in 2018.

Screens have become too much of focal points these days. In every new flagship device that’s getting launched we’re seeing a large, almost end to end display covering almost entire front of the device.

Oneplus 6
Oneplus 6

Bezels are getting narrower with each new flagship launch, and this is the world of bezel-less displays. And while some OEMs have devices with narrowest bezels out in the market (i.e. Mi MIX, Essential Phone), others have not yet jumped the ship. When we talk about such brands, the first name which comes to mind is OnePlus.

That’s true. Take a look on all their offerings till date and you’ll find out how far they’re from bezel less design.  Even OnePlus 5, which is their flagship product for this year, didn’t doesn’t come anywhere close to bezel less.

Yes, it has very narrow bezels on left and right sides, but the broad top and bottom bezels make up for those other 2 bezels. When you look at other flagship models with bezel-less displays, this design will immediately seem like mid-2015.

Another thing that you’ll notice is that till date the entire smartphone lineup of OnePlus is made of 5.5-inch screens. I don’t know about their tryst with this number, but as far as experimentation in screen size is concerned, OnePlus has been shy of it so far.

All that was good until a few months back. However, things have changed considerably now, and they’re going to change at a much faster pace after Apple releases its iPhone 8 next month. The device is expected to take the bezel-less game to an all new level, and post that the war on bezels is only going to intensify.

Google Pixel 2 XL, LG G7 and almost all other flagship products launching after iPhone 8 are likely to come with even narrower bezels. In such a scenario, can a company building smartphones survive without going that route? Bezel-less displays are all the rage, and users are loving them more and more with each passing day.

Therefore, if OnePlus wants to stay relevant in this industry, it will also have to go the bezel-less route. That’s critical for the success of OnePlus 6, and I hope that they also know it. And if company goes that route, for the first time it may also break free from the 5.5-inch limitation which it has kept imposed on the screen size of its devices.

Without increasing the physical size of OnePlus 6, the company may easily pack a 5.7-inch display in that smartphone.  Easily. If mantra of “Never Settle” has to be justified, this change is a necessity.

So are we going to see a OnePlus 6 with 5.7-inch display next year? The chances are pretty good. Rest we’ll come to know as rumors start pouring in.


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