OnePlus 5 Goes Out of Stock in US, is OnePlus 6 Just Around the Corner?

  • OnePlus 5 has gone out of stock from US market;
  • Availability in other markets is also scarce;
  • This indicates that OnePlus 6 may possibly be just around the corner.

Oneplus 5 out of stock in US

Well, it’s very unusual. OnePlus 5 has been out in the market for just a few months, and it’s looking as if the company is gearing up for another launch. The device has either gone out of stock or is about to go out of stock from most markets, as availability is scarce even in those markets where it’s still available. The device has gone out of stock from US, and other markets are also rumored to have limited stocks now. Does that ring the bell for an early OnePlus 6 launch? Probably.

To get an answer, let’s take a look on the history. OnePlus 3 was launched last year in June and company had quickly followed with OnePlus 3T around 5 months later. Now, this year too we’ve got the OnePlus 5 in June, and now it’s October so around 4 months have passed. So we may be near the launch of a new OnePlus device. The possibility can’t be denied.

Now, the question is… will we get a OnePlus 5T or a OnePlus 6? If we’ve to get a new device from this company, which one it will be? So, earlier reports have suggested that OnePlus 5 won’t get a “T” version like its predecessor. If those reports hold any weight, then there’s a chance that OnePlus 6 is about to be released earlier than expected.

To add some more context, consider this :- nearly all companies have launched their smartphones with edge-to-edge displays and very minimal bezels on the top and bottom. Even Oppo and Vivo, which are sister companies of OnePlus (all 3 of them are owned by BBK Electronics), have jumped on to the bezel-less bandwagon with their own devices. Oppo is all set to come out with Oppo F5, and Vivo has launched Vivo V7+ and Vivo X20. Both of them have very minimal bezels on the top and bottom and no bezels on the left and right sides. OnePlus also has to launch something similar now, as it has done from year to year. So OnePlus 6, if it’s indeed in the cards, is likely to look something like this:

Oppo F5, soon to be launched
Oppo F5. Pic credit: GSMArena
Vivo V7+ with Fullview display
Vivo V7+
Vivo X20 and X20 Plus
Vivo X20 and X20+

So while OnePlus 5 is still available in India, you’re advised to put your purchase on hold for now as something big may be in the offing. If it indeed is, we’ll start getting leaks and rumors about it within a few days. So wait and watch.


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