As OnePlus is going launch its new device, the controversy whether the OnePlus 2 users will be eligible for Nougat update is yet to be cleared. The users have been waiting eagerly for an android 7.0 Nougat update however the company is yet indecisive if at all to provide the update.

The users of OnePlus 2 along with the support of the OnePlus X users had organized for a Thunderclap campaign in order to show their disapproval for the company’s decisiveness and their anxiety for the desired update. There were no timeline provided by the company to come to any concrete decision and hence the users of OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X were even dissatisfied by the nature of response from the company. Even though the authorities of OnePlus were made aware of the Thunderclap by their users they did not do anything to look into their request, leave alone give a time frame for making the update available.

However one of the latest updates and a statement from the customer support cell of the company hinted that the company is planning to discontinue the update on ‘dated’ devices for OnePlus 2.

There was a lot of hue and cry on the XDA Forum as well where they mentioned that even though they have discontinued the Android 7.0 nougat update on dated devices they would surely provide some form of support and warranty for their present users and make sure they are satisfied with the company’s performance and services. They mentioned that they would support the company in ‘the best way they can’. The users however are not satisfied with this statement and require some immediate reforms and actions by the company rather than simple words of assurance.

The company has however confirmed that OnePlus 2 will not get the official android 7.0 Nougat update but they can still update their systems to Nougat by rooting their devices. For OnePlue X this news has not been confirmed yet and thus leaves the users in confusion yet again. The users are also confused as to how this unofficial version of Android Nougat will serve them as well as why the company is continuously taking a back step for the update of android for the devices.

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The users believe that the focus should be on catering the needs of the present users rather than launching new devices to grab the attention of the rest. The company has however made up their mind, though nothing has been announced officially and clearly yet.

They are even ready to give me added benefits and advantage to the OnePlus 3T users for their approval but not do anything to provide the android 7.0 Nougat update for these poor devices.

With all this said and done, the company is focusing mainly on the OnePlus 5 which is yet to be launched in the market. This is expected to make a good impression on the market as a whole and make generous profits for the company as well. Comment section given below for you to share your views on this topic 😉


  1. Flagship devices almost always get 2 major software updates. For all you people saying that the Oneplus 2 is a 2 year old phone, remember that Oneplus delayed the Marshmallow update for a very long time. If the company had a good and efficient software team, they’d have worked on faster updates rather than leaving aside all their old devices and focussing only on their current flagship. Now, not getting a Nougat update isn’t a big deal for us because of the custom rom community. The problem lies in how the company can abandon a flagship device without delivering adequate software support. Even my Galaxy S4 recieved 2 major upgrades and Samsung is one of the slowest at delivering updates.

  2. If they gave nougat as the final update,many wouldn’t mind. This just makes it hard to even think of supporting OnePlus . I’m not even purchasing a OnePlus 5 or any future device from OnePlus. I don’t support companies that give such trash support to capable devices.


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