On Urban CCTV Network, The Kenyan Police Have Launched Facial Recognition Feature

Kenya’s National Police Service or commonly known as NPS, has launched an automatic face recognition system for CCTV cameras put in on major roads associated highways as a part of an upgrade of its Integrated Command and system or can be called as ICCS, as have been reported by Kenyans.co.ke. The ICCS CCTV network, which helps in incorporating thousands of cameras, has already has enforced the long-awaited registration number plate recognition technology.

The automatic face recognition system is going to be monitored by the board of Criminal Investigations, which is a part of the vital Criminal Incident Management Suite or commonly known as CIMS and can easily issue timely alerts to enforcement once a suspect is known. This has been told by the said reports.

Joseph Kipchirchir Boinett, who is the General Of Police said in a certain statement that, the technology was built from the ground up with the help of a Japanese Electronics company. Due to this reason, a partnership has also been made as well. This system will help in the fast and also accurate identification of suspects as well. The officer said that this particular system will be deployed in both Nairobi and Mombassa as well. There is also the Hikvision CCTV Kenya cameras as well if you want to try them for your home usages.

The launch presentation of this type of system, which was published by Kenyans.co.ke, showed the facial recognition feature. This facial recognition feature was identified as NEC’s NeoFace. The Vice President of NEC, who is in charge of all the Federal Operations, known as Benji Hutchinson have told Biometric Update in a very recent interview. He said that all the improvements that have been made in terms of facial recognition technology, has made its deployment much easier and cost effective as well.

This is indeed a good news for most consumers as well, as technologies like these will surely make your life very well safe and sound. NEC’s NeoFace was very recently deployed for the public security measures for the 18th Asian Games in the country of Indonesia. In case you’re looking for Dahua CCTV Kenya distributors, you can definitely buy these CCTV cameras without any doubt from the hands of the distributors themselves.

Therefore, it can be easily said that the same technology can be easily and reportedly used by police of Kenya in various other situation. This will come in handy especially when the suspect cannot be detected by means of fingerprints. Apart from this, the Government of Kenya is also trying to deploy various biometric kits as well, in ways for hospitals to stop any kind of health insurance frauds. This will definitely help in reducing the number of accidents and frauds taking place. The Kenyan police will now be able to get a grasp of the main culprit in no time. This will be the start of something very revolutionary and should be adopted by other countries too.


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