Old contract bug on Warzone sparks outrage

Warzone players have access to Reconnaissance Contracts to earn additional in-game cash. Unfortunately, the reappearance of an old bug makes them nearly impossible to hit.

When players travel to Verdansk, they can find different types of contracts. These usually spawn with the loot on the ground.

While there are different variations, each of them grants weapon XP, normal XP, and more in-game money based on how much a player completes.

However, Warzone fans are currently frustrated, as Reconnaissance Contracts appear off the map and cannot be completed.

wz contracts
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Players can perform contracts on Warzone in order to earn money.

Contracts that cannot be completed in Warzone

Reconnaissance contracts are a great method for Warzone players who want to make money quickly and easily. To complete one, a player must collect the contract, go activate the device, and then stay there until it’s captured.

This is the Reddit player, u / Jetperewho was one of the first to post a video of the bug. This influences the areas where contracts appear, making them completely inaccessible.

As seen in the clip, the player runs to the next location to complete the contract. However, when he enters the building, he notices that the contract is above a chandelier that he cannot access.

In another post on Reddit , a second player finds one at the top of a tree, which again cannot be activated.

Finally, more recently, another victim will have discovered his contract on a chandelier. Inaccessible without a ladder.

This causes a shortfall for the players. What’s more, this bug is far from new. Indeed, it seems to be recurring and thus reappears regularly.

No one knows exactly why this happens randomly. Anyway, Activision has probably not even noticed the bug so far.


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