Official iPadOS 15: OS novelties unveiled at WWDC 2021

Apple introduced iPadOS 15, the next big update to its operating system for iPads. This new version relies heavily on multitasking, which brings iPadOS closer to the Desktop experience. We take stock.

iPad 15

iPad 15 is now official and wants to turn Apple tablets into real productivity machines. After the new features of iOS 15, Apple also presented the new OS for its tablets during its WWDC 2021 conference. As rumors had been announcing for several weeks, the new OS gives pride of place to multitasking. The experience becomes much smoother when you want to launch several applications at the same time.

iPadOS 15: Overlay multiple apps on the fly

Apple has spent a long time discussing improvements to multitasking. New icons now make it easier to switch to split view mode. Long press inside an open application then on an icon at the top of the screen to minimize it. Then all you have to do is launch another application from the home screen to activate the mode. Split View which divides the screen in half. And that’s not all.

The most useful is to float apps on top of others. This will allow you to quickly respond to a message while continuing to read a document or watch a series on Apple TV +. These are significant evolutions of multitasking on iPadOS compared to current possibilities.

Much more flexible widgets,

iPadOS 15 makes the Home screen more customizable. You can move Widgets anywhere on the screen to make better use of space. Widget flexibility started with iOS 14 last year, but iPadOS didn’t offer the same possibilities for customization.

QuickNote, Translate: Other Important New Features in iPadOS 15

Apple also offers improvements to the note-taking system in iPadOS 15. You can now better enjoy the large screen of iPads. Thanks to the new functionality Quick Notes, users can float a note-taking window anywhere on top of another application. In this way, it is possible to take notes without switching between application screens.

Although it appears to be a component of the new multitasking experience on iPadOS, this feature is distinct from Apple’s Split View mode.

The Translate app is also coming to iPadOS. You can now translate text anywhere on your tablet. All you have to do is select the text: whether it’s in a web page, in an eBook or even inside an application. Interpreter mode with real-time translation is also arriving on iPad.

Finally, iPadOS 15 offers a new version of Swift Playgrounds. This app allows users to learn, create and submit iPad and iPhone apps to the App Store. All without going through a Mac. This represents a great development for the development world for the Apple ecosystem.


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