of customers get ripped off through fake ads

La Dépêche du Midi reports that a new type of scam is currently raging on BlaBlaCar, via false ads and a phishing technique. Cybercriminals do the following: they post a carpooling ad on BlaBlaCar, and wait for passengers to check in on the trip.

At the last moment, the author of the advertisement cancels the trip. He then has access to the passenger telephone number. Suddenly, he sends them a message on WhatsApp, and explains to them that the trip will actually still take place and that the ad appears to be canceled due to a technical problem related to the platform.

Fake BlaBlaCar ads scam customers

He then offers victims to proceed with the reservation again – and attaches a hypertext link to the message. It is easy then not to be suspicious. When the victim clicks on the link, they come across a page that looks like the official BlaBlaCar website. In reality, this is a phishing attempt.

The page indeed asks the victim for a lot of personal data. Including the credit card number. Adeline Prévost, press relations manager at BlaBlaCar ensures that for the time being “These are rare cases”. And to continue: “As soon as reports are made, we immediately block the profiles concerned”.

The platform emphasizes that you should never pay anything outside the platform. If the trip you wanted to take has been canceled, and the driver contacts you via WhatsApp, do not follow a hyperlink. If necessary, make another reservation yourself, directly through the app or through the official website on your end.

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The firm adds that it is possible “To immediately inform BlaBlaCar” as soon as you notice this kind of scams. To do this, just go back to the ad. Go to the profile of the BlaBlaCar member who originated it, then click on “Report this member”. BlaBlaCar will verify the veracity of the information you have provided, and will suspend, if abuse is found, the account concerned.

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