of beneficiaries access the accounts of other beneficiaries

Between the evening of Sunday and the morning of Monday, October 11, thousands of Internet users indicated technical problems on the CAF site. For some, it is impossible to connect to their account. Others (and this is more worrying) accessed information from other beneficiaries once their username and password have been entered.

This is the case of Angélique who was able to access several accounts that do not belong to her, she explains to the Voix du Nord. It is also the latter, “shocked”, who contacted the regional media because “Others could have access to (his) accounts”.

It was not until the beginning of the afternoon for the Family Allowance Fund to confirm a “Computer incident” and explains having temporarily blocked access to its platform today from 8 a.m.

7000 cases concerned

In its press release, CAF indicates that “Around 7000 files were consulted by other beneficiaries for a few hours”. She explains that she canceled all the steps taken online since October 10 at 9 p.m., time of identification of the incident. And to add:

The beneficiaries concerned will be informed individually. People who changed their password before Sunday October 10 at 9 pm are not affected by this incident.

Furthermore, CAF claims to have alerted the CNIL as required by law in the event of a security breach. She asks beneficiaries to “Do not come to the reception for this technical incident”. For its part, the CNIL says it has received “Many calls since this morning”. She adds that in the event of a personal data breach, an investigation will be opened, says the newspaper La Provence.

This bug appeared when the Family Allowance Fund has just launched a new connection method. From now on, beneficiaries must log into their personal space using their social security number instead of the beneficiary number. They are also asked to change their password.

At the time of writing, the number of bugs indicated on the Downdetector site is dropping, a sign that the CAF teams have taken matters into their own hands.


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