No, a The Mandalorian video game is not in development

At the end of last week, a gameplay video, a priori stolen, of a game The Mandalorian supposed caused a sensation on Reddit and was relayed by a few media, speculating that an adaptation of the star wars series was well and truly in development.

Unfortunately, it is not from a game leak currently in development chez Lucasfilm Games, but the work of a certain Christopher Turner, teacher at a video game school in Canada.

After marinating the internet over the weekend in his joke, the developer explained to the camera that gameplay demo was not originally, but an exercise in Unreal Engine to explain some principles of chara-design and 3D modeling.

Wanting to go always further in what he was able to do (and with the urge to impress his students), Turner fleshed out son prototype in all directions : the Mandalorian found himself in the halls of an Imperial ship, then received everything a set of animations, before facing des stormtroopers (which also had to be modeled).

On such a good path, Christopher Turner said to himself that it would be a shame to stop now and wanted to encompass it all in a short demo with real gameplay. This is when the idea of a hoax came to the mind of the teacher, who even managed to make it appear that the fake game in development turned on Google Stadia, just to further confuse the issue.

We are sorry to bring bad news to fans of the show who were hoping the leak was real, but it clearly isn’t. If this can console you, we remind you thatUbisoft Massive (The Division) is currently working on an open-world Star Wars action / adventure game.


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