Nintendo Switch OLED: its teardown reveals notable differences with the original Switch

At first glance, the differences between the OLED Switch and the classic Switch are limited. But looking under the hood, it turns out their design is far from the same, as iFixit hackers have found.

Disassembly of the OLED Switch

As we detail in our Nintendo Switch vs Switch OLED comparison, the new console features a larger and better OLED screen. Other new features have also been integrated: a doubled memory (64 GB), an Ethernet port as well as a new support. And some unsuspected changes have been uncovered by iFixit engineers who dismantled the last Big N console. A complex maneuver not to be repeated at home, of course.

First novelty, the console interconnection cables are glued to the top of a metal shield. According to iFixit, this should help solve Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity concerns. On the other hand, this new arrangement of the cables risks making the repair of the OLED Switch more difficult.

In addition, the new console has new side rails which are supposed to hold the Joy-Con more efficiently. In this regard, Big N had pointed out that the controllers have been improved in order to prolong their life. Nonetheless, the Drift issue on joysticks will persist.

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OLED switch: here are the differences under the hood

What’s more, the cooling system (heat sink, fan) is less imposing. A way for the builder to save space or reduce the “Cooling overcompensation” of the initial model, according to iFixit. In addition, Nintendo centralized the components relating to the SD card reader, headphone jack and cartridge reader on a single all-in-one card. What to save space, which was imperative for the console to adapt to the hinge of the new crutch.

According to the site, the repairability index of the new OLED Switch is now 7/10. Or one point less than the basic model. In particular, non-modular storage, synonymous with complex and expensive repairs in the event of a thorny memory problem.


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