Nintendo finally unveils the best-selling video games on Switch!

Nintendo has just unveiled the ranking of the best-selling games on the Switch. Unsurprisingly, all are published by Nintendo.

The Japanese firm Nintendo has just unveiled the ranking of the best-selling games on the Switch. In the first 10 titles, all are published by Nintendo. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Nintendo: popular games

The Nintendo Switch is a real box. The home console sold for more than 111 million copies in the whole world. Huge !

Inevitably, the success of the console is largely due to its catalog of games. For instance, Animal Crossing became a real commercial success. Moreover, the game continues to live thanks to a very active community.

Indeed, fans of the game do not lack originality. For example, they have reproduces a mythical scene from Jurassic Park in the game.

He arranged his house to remind the mythical scene of the raptors in the kitchen. He added two frightened figures and turned off the light. The result is striking and frankly successful!

But Nintendo is a real machine. Other games are eternal and have crossed eras and consoles. This is the case with Pokemon. This franchise is the most profitable in the world. Just that !

This license is still appreciated by players. As proof, Nintendo has just released the trailer for the new opuses Pokemon Scarlet and Purple.

The opportunity to finally present the new region of Paldea. A region dotted with lakes, arid lands and mountain ranges.

Moreover, these two licenses are part of the ranking of the best-selling games on the Switch. Nintendo has just unveiled the top. MCE TV tells you more!

Nintendo finally reveals the best-selling video games on Switch!
Nintendo finally reveals the best-selling video games on Switch!

Bestseller Rankings Revealed

Japanese manufacturer Nintendo just revealed which games were the biggest hits on the Switch. The ranking takes into account games released between March 2017 and June 30, 2022. Quite a catalog!

In this top, no surprises. Nintendo games occupy the top ten spots. It is one of the great strengths of at companies.

This is the main strategy of the company to garner sales. It has a set of exclusive games based on key video game licenses.

So the first game on the list is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with 46.82 million copies sold. Moreover, the game should continue its momentum because Nintendo takes care of it. In effect, new routes could be announced by Nintendo.

In the rest of the classification, it is Animal Crossing which doubles everyone with over 39 million copies. It has established itself as the confinement game and is very popular.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate et The Legend of Zelda : Breathe of the Wild come third and fourth. The first sold 28.8 million copies, and 27.14 million for the second.

Pokémon Sword/ Shield manages to climb to fifth place. With 24.5 million copies sold, this is a very good figure. Two other Pokémon games are also in the top : Pokémon Sparkling Diamond et Sparkling Pearls.

Plumber Mario grabs sixth and seventh place with Super Mario Odyssey et Super Mario Party. It remains a staple of Nintendo. Finally, Ring Fit Adventure finished in tenth place with 14.5 million games sold.


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