New World unveils the list of its (many) launch servers

The official Twitter account of New World just unveiled the list of servers, and with 63 servers for Europe alone, one can think qu’Amazon Game Studios expects a tidal wave of players for the exit.

And United States will benefit from a datacenter for each West / East coast, l’Europe will only be entitled one portal. You will notice that Lyonesse is cited twice, which is an error, indicates Amazon.

This summer, although New World relies heavily on its PVP to last, Amazon has confirmed that all servers will all share the same rule regarding wild PvP : there will be no question of attacking anyone without the person having activated its PvP mode.

For those who are afraid to join a server and not speak the local language, like a form error for an Erasmus, Amazon specifies that language preferences will be annotated to each world. Remains to know how many servers of the 63 European worlds will be tagged as francophones. In fact, it is still difficult to coordinate with friends to join the same world.

However, the deadline is approaching: the servers of New World will be online September 28.


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