New World players rebel over maintenances

While to the dismay of the community the maintenances were linked on the EU servers of New World, the developers added fuel to the fire with a wild Rollback, causing the ire of players.

The enthusiasm caused by the beta of New World foreshadowed a successful launch for the MMORPG from Amazon Game Studios, unfortunately it was not.

If, as might be expected, hundreds of thousands of players invaded Aeternum from day one, this skyrocketing popularity was the first grain of sand to disrupt the kick-off of New World. Indeed the servers very quickly began to suffer from this large influx of players.

Comptoir New World Amazon Studios
Amazon Studios

The situation is tense on New World

Never mind, the developers have chained the measures to rectify the situation and draw a line on the disastrous queues, but several clouds have continued to obscure the horizon. With each new update, new bugs and glitches invade the MMORPG, so much so that players no longer see the end.

While the maintenances continue to be linked to New World, at times often not very advantageous for European players, the discontent begins to mount on the web. Especially since following a blunder, the last maintenance ended in a rollback.

The pill struggles to pass for New World players

While the situation was already tense enough, many players criticized the developers for not using the test realm wisely, for carrying out maintenances at disadvantageous times, not being reactive enough on the fixes and not communicating as much as they had announced, a blunder added fuel to the fire.

Indeed, following a gold compensation error, the developers shut down the servers urgently in order to find a solution, and as some feared, this resulted in a rollback.

Many players have rebelled against communication and updates below their expectations.

New World players seek to calm things down

Faced with such a wave of discontent, several players made their voices heard to calm the game, arguing in particular that the developers had to act.

The developers for their part made a point on the forums of the game The Game Director took the floor to apologize and return to what had happened while specifying what they were still working on.

“Upon examination, it was clear that it was not possible to roll back only those players who had received money as the side effects were widespread and involved many more players and systems. So we made the decision to go back all the characters, all the companies and the auction house (…) ”, did he declare.

He took the opportunity to confirm that “No items will be lost following the deactivation of the auction house. Any items that appear to be missing will be restored after this auction house data operation. ”.

Of course, the question of compensation has been widely raised, it remains to be seen whether this will be topical.


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