New World does not plan to land on consoles for the moment

The new world is on the old machine

New World, new MMO signed Amazon Game Studios, released 2 days ago on PC and, despite the connection problems, once you managed to pass a queue, the title has serious arguments for it. And necessarily, not everyone wants or the possibility of playing on a PC, so many are wondering about the release of the title on consoles. Unfortunately for them, they may wait a long time.

New World will be playable only on PC for now.

That does not mean the game will never be released on consoles, but it is clear that Amazon Game Studios is planning to focus on the PC version for a while before considering a console release.

We remember that The Elder Scrolls Online first wanted to refine its PC version and then launch on consoles, 1 year later. Who knows, maybe a similar scenario is being considered for New World at Amazon.


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