New teaser for Metroid Dread with gameplay details

“She has a cannon arm”

Since the announcement of Metroid Dread at E3 2021, Nintendo has continued to dilute information on Samus’ next adventures dropper. Scheduled for October 8 on Switch, the release of the title is not so distant, casually.

In parallel a new teaser which recalls the mission of the Bounty Hunter, party to investigate the presence a new parasite X, a new post on the Nintendo website presents in detail the different abilities that Samus to will be able to use and unlock.

The article recalls basic actions, like shoot cannon, send missiles where to transform morphing ball. However, the Spanish team of MercurySteam made sure that typical Metroid gameplay is also fluid and dynamic than ever, especially thanks to a melee strike which will be used as much in attack as in defense.

  • All of Samus’ attacks can be performed while running or jumping. In Metroid: Samus Returns for Nintendo 3DS, Samus had to stand still in order to aim and shoot in any direction he wanted. Now it’s possible to aim while moving, which should make it easier for anyone who wants to attack from afar without coming to a standstill.
  • In Metroid Dread, the majority of actions, such as using the cannon or performing a retaliatory strike, can be performed from almost any position in order to smooth the transitions between the different phases of the gameplay. We wanted to help players keep their momentum in all circumstances.
  • Whether in his attacks or in the use of these abilities, we have done everything to make Samus appear as a fast, unstoppable character who acts very smoothly.

Likewise, some basic actions like the jump will be improved throughout the adventure, in order to always give more exploration possibilities where applicable.

Beyond basic capabilities, Samus will be able to improve the Combination of puisession with new abilities called Aéion, appropriate to Metroid Dread. These capabilities exploit a dedicated energy gauge, like the optical camouflage that will be used to sow les terrifiants robots E.M.M.I indestructible. Obviously, this energy reserve can be improved over time.

  • Several versions of the power suit have appeared in the series, but each of these new designs is based on the suit obtained in Metroid: Zero Mission on Game Boy Advance after overcoming the ordeal of the ruins of Chozodia.
  • The events of Metroid Fusion on Game Boy Advance, the latest episode, changed a lot for Samus and his suit. In Metroid Dread, we present a new combination of power that lets imagine what may have happened after Metroid Fusion.


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