New study tries to see if video games make people violent

For years now, video games have been regularly accused of playing a role in the development of violence in the real world. No proof of this link has ever been established, but that does not prevent certain pressure groups from stepping up, especially when a mass killing occurs in the United States or the rest of the world.

“Restricting minors’ access to video games will not reduce violence”

To try to see more clearly, the researcher, Agne Suziedelyte, of the City University of London, conducted a study among young boys aged 8 to 18 years. She applied statistical methods to see if one could establish a causal link between the practice of violent video games and violence in real life.

The scientist could not find any proof at the end of her work. Only notable element: “Parents reported that children were more likely to destroy objects after playing violent video games”, specifies Medicalxpress.

Quoted by our colleagues, the scientist explains:

Taken together, these results suggest that violent video games can agitate children, but that agitation does not translate into violence against other people – which is the type of violence that concerns us most. A likely explanation for my results is that playing video games is generally done at home, where there are fewer opportunities for violence. This “neutralizing” effect is particularly important for boys prone to violence, who may be particularly attracted to violent video games.

Therefore, and according to her, ” policies that place restrictions on the sale of video games to minors are unlikely to reduce violence. »

These results are ultimately not that surprising. For example, we told you last January about this study conducted by two American researchers. It has made it possible for ten years to follow the evolution of young adolescents and the effects of video games on their behavior. No correlation between growing up playing video games and increasing levels of aggression ten years later has not been established.


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