New School: which candidate won the final of the Netflix show?

This Thursday, June 23, 2022 is synonymous with the final for “New School”. But then which candidate won the Netflix show?

The hour of the final has come for New school. This Thursday, June 23, 2022, the last candidates in the running are fighting for the €100,000 at stake. So which of Elyon, Leys and Fresh Lapeufra won the show? MCE TV explains you from A to Z!

New School: a hit series

Since June 9, 2022, Netflix has released its brand new series named New school. The principle is simple. Three stars from three different places must elect the best French rapper.

The judges, you know them well. It involves Niska, SCH and Shay. Each represents their city, namely Paris for Niska, Marseille for SCH and Brussels for Shay.

They each unearthed talents that come from their city and they fought to keep only one. Thereby, there were some defining moments.

How to forget the clash between Soumeya and KT Gorique ? KT Gorique who had started his freestyle left behind its rival. Following his stint in New schoolthe young woman had even criticized the editing done by Netflix.

The young Juss also marked the fans and especially Shay who took him under his wing. Moreover, the latter released a song called ” Habibi “ after his passage. And Niska ya réagi.

“Strength to brother Juss”, then commented the rapper. This proves that the judges continue to follow the talents even after they pass.

This July 23, 2022, Netflix released the last episode which crowns the winner of New school. So which from Elyon, Leys and Fresh Lapeufra won the €100,000. MCE TV tells you more!

Who won the show?

For this grand finale, the candidates were helped by beatmakers and rapper Fianso to perform a full performance in front of the judges and an audience.

Each of the candidates performed their performance. And if all the performances were very successful, one candidate really stood out.

The judges elected Fresh Lapeufra as the big winner. A choice that was not easy of course. That said, Internet users seem to agree.

“Fresh Lapeufra, he killed that. The sound in the final is serious heavy »raved this user. “Mdr uh I love Elyon too much, but Fresh clearly got everyone to agree there”, said another. In short, it was unanimous.

Thus, beyond the victory of Fresh Lapeufra, Internet users hailed a quality final, with really worthy and deserving candidates.

“Honestly the New School final, it was just amazing. Leys she has had an impressive career. She’s going to drill crazy, be careful Shay you have some concu… And Fresh let’s not even talk about it »launched a user. “Congratulations to the three finalists, Leys, Elyon and Fresh!! What a breathtaking finale”swung another.

Finally, if there is one point on which the fans agree, is that they want a season 2. And given the ratings, it’s a safe bet Netflix will give in to those demands. maybe with other judges ? To be continued !


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