New Music from pop singer Kat Deluna

Cape Republic Records Announces New Music From Kat Deluna

(Reuters) Miami, U.S. – Cape Republic Records releases an energetic dance number, featuring Kat Deluna, one of the most popular American pop singers. The exciting visuals, which instantly grab the viewer’s attention, complement the powerful voice of Kat Deluna. The 3-minute-long video, constituting stunning dance moves and soulful singing, leaves a lasting impression on the viewers. 

The music stirs up the crowd with its powerful singing and robust lyrics. The video, which is as exciting as the song, presents Deluna and her friends, strolling through the lanes, dancing on the shores and partying. With Deluna and her gang exploring the city, the singer observes that the fun-filled Friday night and their summer sojourn would drive anyone crazy, making them wish they were living it up in Miami. 

Idolized for her cool dance moves and melodious voice, Kat Deluna is an internet sensation. She makes music that appeals to people from all walks of life. Her universal music releases have landed her on an unbeaten streak since 2007. For Deluna, 2007 was a watershed year, with her popular number “Whine Up” making it to the Top 40 club in several districts, besides topping the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart. Her song videos are a curious mix of urban hip-hop, spectacular locations and stunning dance moves, exuding the Latin flavor in its most authentic form.
In the mesmerizing music video, Deluna makes it clear that Miami won’t disappoint you when it comes to going bonkers. She reiterates how the night out was intoxicating – friends letting loose and going wild. As they assemble to have fun, they lose themselves in the frenzy, with no rules restricting their activities. 

‘Last Night in Miami’ is now available on iTunes and Spotify.
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About Kat Deluna
Kat Deluna is a New York-based artist who grew up the tropics of the Dominican Republic. As a leading international star, she collaborated with some of the biggest personalities in the music world, Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne, Akon, Trey Songz are only to name a few. 

The Dominican-American singer, songwriter and dancer started pursuing her career in music in her teenage years. She released her debut single “Whine Up” in 2007, right after signing a contract with Epic Records. Her follow up single “Run the Show” became a blockbuster hit in different parts of the world. It was number one in France and snatched the number two spot on the Hot Dance Club Play Chart in the US. 

Her biggest break came in the form of her second studio album “Inside Out” (2010), which received accolades from various countries. Starring pop world biggies like Lil Wayne and Akon, the album features hits like “Unstoppable”, “Push Push”, and “Dancing Tonight.”

Some of her top recognitions include “Best New Artist” award at the Los Premios MTV Latinoamerica 2007, “Best New Artist” and “Best Urban Artist” titles at the TMF Awards, “Best International Artist” title at Casandra Award 2008. 

Deluna’s music received its due recognition at the early stage of her career. Milly Quezada, who saw her perform at 12, praised her singing talent. Deluna graduated from the New Arts High School. Her childhood was spent in abject misery, as she spent her youthful days listening to Aretha Franklin and Billie Holiday records. She learned music by imitating the records. Her short stint in the Coca-Cola sponsored karaoke competition brought her instant fame in 2004, Later, in 2006, she entered into a contract with Epic Records.

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