New Leaked Images Almost Confirm iPhone 8 All-Screen Design

The launch of iPhone 8 will mark 10th anniversary of iPhone, so Apple wants to make it special. What can be a better way to do it than a radically new design? Rumors have long suggested that this time the innovation powerhouse of 21st century is going to hide the fingerprint sensor under display and release an iPhone with stunning all screen design.

However, there was some suspicion about it, as we told you earlier, because hiding the fingerprint sensor under a display is not an easy affair. But hey, Apple is well known for doing the extraordinary stuff. And it seems that company is going to prove that once again.

Leaked Outer shell of iPhone 8

An image recently posted by a user (kamikasky) on iPhone subreddit seem to be pointing towards the fact that Apple may finally have figured out how to hide the fingerprint sensor under the display. The images show outer body of an iPhone with all-screen design, and after looking on them it seems that placement of fingerprint sensor under display is a done deal. Given Apple’s tryst with perfection, we don’t think that company would do it without achieving proper yields. So if it has ordered its suppliers to begin designing such outer shells then it means that engineers in Cupertino have cracked the tough nut.

The user claims that images were sent to him/her by a friend who works in Apple’s supply chain. But again, these are just leaks and nothing can be confirmed until Tim Cook comes to stage with the same thing. At the same time it can also not be denied that the image looks very legit and inline with other leaks of past.

We’ll know what Apple has done with iPhone 8 in nearly two-three months. But based on the leaks that we’ve seen so far one thing seems confirmed – if this design comes to life with iOS 11, sales will blast. Let’s hope for the best with fingers crossed!


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