New iPhone 8 Dummy Model Leak Shows the Device From All Sides

It has only been 3-4 days since we saw a dummy model of iPhone 8 coming from the twitter handle of @Onleaks, and now one more dummy model has reached the hands of another Apple leaker. And more interestingly, this leak has come in the form of a video, so we can see iPhone 8’s design nicely from all sides.

Apple iPhone 8 Leak
Apple iPhone 8 Leak

YouTuber EverythingApplePro has posted the video, in which he shows from all angles what seems to be an iPhone 8 dummy model. According to him he obtained that model from an iPhone case manufacturer. Case manufacturers are supplied with dummy models of upcoming devices so they can manufacture the cases before a phone hits the market.

In the video he also compares the device with previous Apple devices, which gives some serious new information about the design and share of Apple’s tenth anniversary iPhone.

First new tidbit of information is that the device will be slightly wider than iPhone 7. Not a lot wider, but still a little bit. Next notable thing is the premium, shiny design from front to back, with no space for a home button and no fingerprint sensor on the back, inline with all other leaks that we’ve seen so far.

The dual-sensor camera on back has been aligned vertically, with flash module sitting in the middle of both lenses, which can probably help Apple’s AR ambitions.

Absence of both homes button and fingerprint sensor again suggests that Apple might’ve found a way to hide the fingerprint sensor behind display. But that’s not certain until the device is launched – because Apple also knows how to hide the sensor in something as tiny as a power button located on the side of device.

In the end, it’s always an exciting experience to watch what Apple’s next iPhone looks from outside. However, the video doesn’t reveal anything else about the device as of now, because it’s a dummy model. It’s also possible for the final device, which is about to be released in September, to have some minor changes in design (for example, the back made of different material). So while we can’t be so sure about this design as of now, it more or less tells what we can expect from the company in next few months.

What do you think about this design? Would you go and get it from an Apple Store? Share your thoughts in comments below.


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