Netflix will launch N-Plus, its social network that will make you even more addicted

Always keen to expand its offer, Netflix was currently working on a complementary platform. Named N-Plus, it would provide access to additional content around its programs (interviews, decryption, backstage) and many other things.

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Each week, the Netflix catalog is enriched with new films and series. And to maintain its hegemony in the SVOD market, the platform does not hesitate to reinvent itself by also offering new features. We think in particular of Direct which allows you to watch content in a linear fashion, like a conventional TV channel. But the firm at Red N wants to see even further. She has just surveyed her subscribers on the potential arrival of a complementary platform, halfway between the social network and the information portal.

As reported by the Protocol site, citing a survey sent to a handful of subscribers, this future service is still fallow. Entitled N-Plus, it will take the form “An online space where you can find out more about Netflix programs and things related to them”. We can find podcasts, making-of, articles, user reviews. But also playlists personalized by them. Playlists that would list the music heard in the different programs.

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Netflix wants to launch a hybrid complementary platform

If the service does eventually see the light of day, subscribers will also be encouraged to create lists where they can share their favorite content. Playlists that it would then be possible to send to their friends. However, non-subscribers will only have access to trailers for recommended programs. This could also encourage them to subscribe.

Netflix is ‚Äč‚Äčalso planning to include in N-Plus interviews and information relating to future seasons of our beloved series. In the survey, a question further asked if subscribers would be interested “To know more about a planned program (pre-production) and to influence its development by sending comments before the end of filming”. In other words, subscribers would be likely to have a direct influence on programming by commenting online.

It remains to be seen whether this service will become a reality in the future. In any case, it could allow the firm to maintain its hegemonic position. As a reminder, Netflix gravitates to more than 200 million subscribers.



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