Netflix: why do fans hate the ‘Resident Evil’ series so much?

The Resident Evil series has just landed on Netflix. Yet she is already hated by fans, who want her removed.

Since July 15, the series Resident Evil is available on Netflix. But it is not appreciated by fans of the license, who demand its departure from the catalog. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Netflix continues to adapt successful licenses

At the moment, Netflix likes to adapt series licenses. The firm intends to bring very famous franchises up to date.

For example, Netflix plans to adapt Japanese anime Yū Yū Hakusho serial. The American firm is therefore preparing a live action series. According to the first information, it should be released in December 2023.

This isn’t the only manga Netflix is ​​tackling. Indeed, how not to mention adaptation of One Piece. Filming for the series is underway and will consist of 10 episodes. Moreover, Netflix has already revealed some images from the Serie.

The series will tell the first 12 volumes of the saga, namely the East Blue arc. It remains to be seen if this series will appeal to fans of the manga. Indeed, it is very difficult to transfer a license from one format to another.

And it seems that Netflix has been paying the price since July 15. Indeed, the streaming platform has released a series on the video game franchise Resident Evil.

But the transition from console to series is not not very popular with fans. So much so that they even demand the deletion of the series. MCE TV tells you more!

The Resident Evil series hated by the public

Netflix has long wanted to create a live action series based on the universe of Resident Evil. Since 2019, this idea is in the pipeline from companies.

It therefore materialized on July 15 with the release of the series Resident Evil. Through 8 episodes, the series tells the life of Jade Wesker.

She struggles to survive in a world overrun by disturbing virus-infected and bloodthirsty creatures. The story takes place in 2036, fourteen years after the terrible damage caused by the spread of the drug Joy.

If the scenario of the series had something to intrigue any good fan of the license, in fact, it is the opposite effect that has occurred. The series was destroyed by the public on social networks.

On the Rotten Tomatoes site, the series collects only 30% positive reviews. A very low figure, which shows the hatred of the public towards the series.

Moreover, the public is released on Twitter. ” Series Resident Evil is really awful. They should just take it off Netflix”writes a user.

« The Resident Evil Netflix Series Is So Bad That if they take it out of the catalog, they might pick up some subscriptions« , says another, sarcastically.

With such a cold reception, not sure that Netflix plans to make a season 2 of Resident Evil. But after all, you never know. Case to follow!


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