Netflix unveils the very surprising list of the most viewed films!

The Netflix streaming platform has just unveiled the list of its most viewed films since its launch.

Netflix’s popularity has steadily increased since its arrival on our screens. Its catalog of films, too, is expanding to offer a varied choice to its fans. Moreover, the platform has just released its top 10 of the most viewed films since its creation. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Netflix and its favorites

Netflix has just revealed some unusual figures. Indeed, on its media site, the platform has just made available the list of the most viewed films and series. Thus, different Top 10 are shared, whether of the week or even, of all time. These numbers are calculated based on hours watched over 28 days.

Thus, thanks to this classification, Netflix then sheds light on the preferences of the public. What genre works best, which actors come back the most? And one thing is certain, the results are very varied. However, for films, some blockbusters have their place at the top of the podium.

So fans won’t be surprised to see Red Notice in this top 10. Indeed, this crush on the prestigious cast was able to attract a large audience. Starring in this film, Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot. What beautiful people, then!

Just behind, we find a successful but also controversial film, Don’t look up. The latter has indeed made a lot of talk about him, for his plot focused on climate issues. Thus, no surprises either, for its well-deserved place.

For the category of non-English films, we find the film Troll, big favorites of the platform. The latter had even broken a record in 2022. In addition, a French work also does honor in this top with Omar Sy and far from the ring road. So, let’s discover together the Top 10 films that have the most success on Netflix? MCE TV tells you more!

Top 10 most viewed movies

Netflix has just unveiled its top 10 most viewed films on its platform. Here they are, in two categories: English and non-English language films.

In addition, many action movies take place in these two Top 10 displayed by Netflix. Among them also, Glass Onion, which was a hit right after its release. A romantic comedy film is still getting noticed, since its release this summer. It is Our bruised heartswith the beautiful Sofia Carson.

English-language Netflix films:

1- Red Notice (364,020,000)

2 – Don’t Look Up (359,790,000)

3 – Bird Box (282,020,000)

4 – Glass Onion: at loggerheads (273,200,000)

5 – The Gray Man (253,870,000)

6 – The Adam Project (233,160,000)

7 – Tyler Rake (231,340,000)

8 – Our bruised hearts (228,690,000)

9 – Unforgivable (214,700,000)

10 – The Irishman (214,570,000)

Non-English Netflix films:

1 – Troll (155,560,000)

2 – Blood Red Sky (110,520,000)

3 – The Platform (108,090,000)

4 – In the West, nothing new (101,360,000)

5 – Black Crab (94,130,000)

6 – Through my window (92,440,000)

7 – Far from the ring road (78,630,000)

8 – Deadly Cold (78,300,000)

9 – My Name Is Vendetta (68,730,000)

10 – Enfin, Loving Adults (67,340,000)

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