Netflix unveils its best Christmas movies to watch this year!

After Halloween, Netflix goes for Christmas! Discover the list of the best films to see for the occasion.

Winter is fast approaching and Christmas movies are back. To the delight of followers, Netflix unveils the list of productions not to be missed! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Netflix goes for Christmas

Tuesday, November 2, 2021, Netflix has therefore fed its Instagram account with a brand new unpublished post. And Internet users are delighted!

When the American giant points the tip of its nose on social networks, it is most of the time for announce good news.

And it is still the case this time! We pack up like this Halloween costumes and decorations to make way for Christmas ones.

You will no doubt have understood it, the video on demand service therefore offers a list of films to watch for the occasion.

And there are some nice little nuggets! What could be better than spending the evening warm with family, friends or lovers in front of a light and comforting production ?

One thing is certain, Netflix is ​​full of users who are adept at the concept. They also display their enthusiasm in the comment space !

“Literally the best period”, “You feel the Christmas atmosphere that is coming the ? I love “,” I like that! “, can we thus read.

« My favorite period which is on my favorite platform… What more could you ask for? “, then adds a visibly delighted Internet user.

Take out the quilts, popcorn and hot chocolates, we reveal you the best Christmas movies to watch this year.

There are some for all tastes and for all styles! MCE TV tells you more.

Netflix unveils its best Christmas movies to watch this year!

Films not to miss

We start with Holidate, a film directed by John Whitesell and available since October 20, 2020 on Netflix.

We also find The Christmas Chronicles 1 and 2, as well as the three parts of A Christmas Prince. Yes, you did hear!

A Christmas fallen from the sky, A Christmas in California and A Christmas to eat are also part of the list. What to make the happiness of the users.

We can also cite The Holiday, Klaus, The Princess of Chicago, Flakes of Love, or A little wish for Christmas and Wedding under the snow.

But that’s not all ! In this same post, Netflix then unveils the names of upcoming films on the platform … No, you’re not dreaming !

November 5, 6 and 17 will be released respectively Love Hard, Christmas with Father and Christmas Flow. Long-awaited productions!

Christmas movie fans will also be able to discover a new episode of The Princess of Chicago baptized In search of the Star.

It will thus be available November 18, 2021, or one week before the release of A Boy called Christmas and A Chateau for Christmas.

Here is ! You now know the list of films not to be missed This year. Of course, you can get started before the snow falls.

We let you discover the complete list!


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