Netflix Traumatic Princess Sarah Cartoon Coming Soon!

Good news for Netflix subscribers! The cult but traumatic cartoon Princess Sarah arrives during the month of December!

the cartoon traumatic princess sarah 80s is coming to Netflix soon! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Netflix is ​​full of new things

Among all streaming platforms, subscribers do not know more where to head. But despite the crazy competition, Netflix continues to stand out.

Without surprise, the giant explodes ch recordsa week. It must be said that he knows exactly what to do to please and satisfy his fans.

Thus, like every beginning of the month, the Netflix platform is full of new features. Indeed, to the delight of its subscribers, there are always new nuggets planned.

Today therefore no exception to the rule. And for good reason… With the coming Christmas period, the catalog will expand even more. The best, right?

So you will have understood it! You will be able to do the full of Christmas movies and series throughout the month of December!

But that’s not all ! Many new movies, series and even documentaries are also on the program.

The most awaited novelty? Undoubtedly the second part of the saison 5 from La Casa de Papel.

Subscribers are also eager to discover films like The Power of the Dog, a western by Jane Campion or even Don’t Look Up with among others Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, but also Meryl Streep.

Netflix has also promised the return of an ultra cult cartoon, released in the 1980s. Do you have your idea? And yes, it is none other than the cartoon princess sarah broadcast at the time on France 5 in Noon the zouzous.

Netflix Traumatic Princess Sarah Cartoon Coming Soon!
Netflix Traumatic Princess Sarah Cartoon Coming Soon!

Princess Sarah: ready to make her comeback on our screens

And yes, it’s finally official! The drawing animated cult 1980s will make its big comeback on our screens and land on the Netflix streaming platform.

Unsurprisingly, Netflix has once again hit the nail on the head and makes you nostalgic all the fans of the time. And for good reason…

What could be better than to (re) immerse yourself in the adventures of beautiful and adorable Sarah Crewe ? Remember!

Young girl from a good family, she moved to London during the Victorian era, after spending his childhood in India.

For the occasion, it thus integrates a large college and becomes Miss Mangin’s student. Considered a princess, she leads a dream life until the death of her father… Shock!

From that point on her life crumbles and all his privileges cease. Indeed, she then becomes the maid of her college and is persecuted by the students and the principal.

This cartoon composed in total of 46 episodes thus marked the spirits and rocked the childhood of a good number of children. So good news for the fans!

Available on the Netflix streaming platform from December 15th, young and old will be able to (re) discover together this cartoon which is so adorable and overwhelming at the same time. At MCE TV, we can’t wait to see him again! Not you ?


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