Netflix: Top 10 series considered to be great classics!

Discover the complete list of the 10 Netflix series considered to be great classics! We’ll give you more details.

Some Netflix series have become real classics! House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things… MCE TV unveils the Top 10 of the best series of the platform!

The cult Netflix series

In recent years, the American giant has seen its popularity explode! Indeed, Netflix has become a real benchmark in its field. In particular thanks to its very rich and varied catalog.

Moreover today, Netflix offers an endless list of new programs. And some series are already considered like great classics!

So today we invite you to discover the Top 10 cult series from Netflix. An opportunity also to discover new ones that we will have to look very quickly!

Orange is the New Black

This list of cult Netflix series begins with the Orange is the New Black program. Broadcast between 2013 and 2019, this series one of the first original programs of the American giant.

Its captivating scenario and its 5-star cast therefore make this program a must-see! And bringing the LGBT community to the fore on screen was quite revolutionary for the time.

Netflix: Top 10 series considered to be great classics!
Netflix: Top 10 series considered to be great classics!

House of Cards

Another flagship program from Netflix is ​​House of Cards. Released in 2013 the series received Emmy nominations.

House of Cards is therefore one of Netflix’s star programs. While the presence of Kevin Spacey detracted somewhat from the series, its popularity remains intact.

Stranger Things

The famous series with Millie Bobby Brown and his gang friends is still popular. Released in 2016, it is already one of Netflix’s cult programs.

Besides, the fans are still waiting for the new season from their favorite series. Indeed, you should know that the series has not yet come to an end.

Bojack Horseman

Who would have thought that an adult cartoon would be so successful! Well Netflix got it right with sound programme Bojack Horseman.

Proof that the American giant also offers programs for all tastes. The series is also considered one of the bests entertainment programs of all time!


If in its beginnings Ozark was compared a lot to Breaking Bad, the series finally knew how to stand out. Indeed, its 3rd season has exploded its popularity gauge. And has it definitely detached from Breaking Bad.

The Crown

While there are many programs that deal with the British Royal Family, The Crown remains one of the best! Indeed, the Netflix series has stood out with its decor and incredible costumes. She becomes a cult series not to be missed!


Released in 2015, the Narcos series has found its audience. The first two seasons, which chronicle the rise and fall of the king of cocaine, Pablo Escobar, have captured the public’s attention. Besides the incredible story, the production of the series has also been able to offer us an astonishing spectacle. Of what to make a cult series!

Master of None

In Master of None, Netflix and Aziz Ansari therefore offer us a strong and mature comedy. Ansari plays the role of a struggling actor who tries to find his way.

In this comedy, the 20-30 year olds have no trouble identifying with this character. What made its success on the platform.

The Hauting of Hill House

Released in 2018, The Haunting of Hill House is one of the best programs in the horror category of the platform. This series by Mike Flanagan has become a Netflix classic.

You should still know that the series is adapted from the novel of the same name by Shirley Jackson. But the unique and original story has been perfectly replicated in the series. To discover very quickly !

The Lady’s Game

Released in 2020, this Netflix miniseries has also makes a splash with internet users! Who would have thought that a series around the world of chess would be so successful! Well Netflix has risen to the challenge and made its bet.


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