Netflix: these 5 series are still exploding huge views records!

In the middle of the week, Télé 7 Jours unveiled the ranking of the five Netflix series that are exploding views records at the moment!

For several years now, Netflix has made an incredible buzz with its platform of series and films. And the least we can say is that she continues to make people dream subscribers with its series.

Netflix knows a lot about its series

While Netflix experienced a little slack a few months ago, the platform is once again seducing its subscribers. If the latter complained about the lack of new series, she decided to remedy this big problem.

In the middle of the week, Télé 7 jours has also unveiled the Top 5 series which still explode records of views on Netflix.


First of all, it’s You which takes the first place. As a reminder, season 3 was released just a few days ago.

For now, the You series retains its place on Netflix. Allo Ciné has also unveiled the following synopsis: “Joe, the manager of a bookstore in New York, becomes obsessed with Beck. The latter is a young aspiring writer ”.

“She shares her passion for books. And for poetry. Convinced that they are made for each other, he will then use social networks to feed his obsession. Know in permanently where she is« .

“And what she does. Then try to bring down any obstacles that might stand in the way of their possible romance. Even if it means committing totally crazy acts« .

Squid Game (Netflix)

After You, Squid Game is in 2nd place. The Korean series is also Netflix’s biggest success. “Tempted by a tempting prize in case of victory, hundreds of penniless players agree to compete in games for children with deadly stakes« .

Netflix: these 5 series are still exploding huge views records!

Successful series

Locke & Key

In the Netflix ranking, subscribers find Locke & Key en 3ème place. “Three brothers and sisters return, after the murder of their father, to their childhood home”.

“This house is located in Maine. Children want to find magic keys with extraordinary powers. But a demon also wants get hold of these keys« . The Netflix Family Business series gets the 4th place.

Family Business

“Joseph, 35 years old, teeming with business ideas. Even if he still works in spite of himself in the kosher butchery of his father Gérard. When he learns from a “sure” source that cannabis is going to be legalized, it is the revelation “.

“His brilliant idea: to transform, with the help of his family and his friends, the family butcher’s shop into a” Beucherie “…”. To finish, this is the Sex Education series which ranks 5th because of the Netflix ranking.

Sex Education (Netflix)

“Young Otis Milburn, whose mother is a therapist / sex therapist, also refuses her questions or advice about his own sexuality. Then that he is a virgin. And that he does not manage to masturbate ”.

“By a combination of circumstances, Otis (Netflix) finds himself helping high school terror Adam. For his part, he has ejaculation problems. Witness to this improvised therapy, Maeve Wiley, a young rebel who lives without parents and has money problems, then suggests to Otis to create a “sexology cabinet” within the school “.


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