Netflix: the trailer for the documentary “Schumacher” finally revealed!

To the delight of Formula 1 fans, Netflix has just unveiled the trailer for its documentary “Schumacher”!

On Wednesday, August 25, 2021, Netflix unveiled the long-awaited trailer of its documentary dedicated to Michael Schumacher, the legend of Formula 1. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

A highly anticipated film

Formula 1 enthusiasts know this. Netflix is ​​preparing an unprecedented documentary dedicated to greatest champion of the discipline. And to their delight, the platform has finally unveiled the trailer! Yes, you did hear it.

Made from archives, unpublished images and interventions of his relatives, it arouses excitement on the Web. Fans of the pilot can’t wait to see the entire movie!

But they will still have to be patient … Its release is scheduled for September 15, 2021. The start of the school year promises to be eventful!

“I can’t wait to see the documentary. Schumi is a legend!« , exclaims a user in the comment space of the teaser on YouTube.

« I can not wait, oh my God ! “, then adds another. You will no doubt understand, everyone is waiting for the release of the famous documentary.

On Twitter, Netflix also specifies that it « a fully approved by his family« . Several members of the latter appear there.

For her part, the manager of the legend of Formula 1 explains that it is ” of gift from his family to their beloved husband and father« .

“In order to preserve his private sphere as a source of strength, he has always separated with rigor and constancy his private life from his public life. This film tells about the two worlds ”, she then specifies.

MCE TV tells you more about this long awaited film by fans of the pilot.

Netflix: the trailer for the documentary

Michael Schumacher reveals himself on Netflix

« Michael Schumacher has redefined the professional image of a racing driver and set new standards ”, continue Sabine Kehm.

“In his quest for perfection, he spared neither himself nor his team, leading them to the greatest successes« , adds the manager of the Formula 1 champion.

« He is admired around the world for these leadership qualities, she asserts. He has found the strength for this task and the balance to recharge his batteries at home, with his family he loves in an idolatrous way. “

Discreet in nature, especially with regard to his private life, Michael Schumacher appears as a loving and devoted family man.

And his fans don’t know this side of him, they will then have the opportunity to discover it in “Schumacher”, available September 15, 2021 on Netflix.

As you probably know, the very famous German driver disappeared from the circuits in 2013. Victim of a serious skiing accident, he remained in a coma for many months.

Since, his relatives remain very discreet regarding his state of health. They don’t let anything be heard! For his part, the son of the Formula 1 champion follows in his father’s footsteps.

We let you take a look at the trailer unveiled by Netflix!


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