Netflix: the new documentary on Angèle will be released on November 26!

Good news for Angèle fans. A documentary reserved for the singer will be released on November 26 on Netflix!

The news has just fallen, Angèle is entitled to her own documentary on Netflix. Fans of the artist will therefore be able to see her more open than ever about her private life. from November 26 on the streaming platform. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Netflix announces heavy!

For a few months now, Angèle has been more and more discreet whether on stage, onr social networks or in the media. She is reducing her appearances on television sets, which saddens her biggest fans.

Yet Netflix has just announced wonderful news. Can you imagine that the artist will be very present on the streaming platform, thanks to a documentary dedicated to her. Yes Yes ! You hear well! So you can see it more intimate than ever.

It is then a great first for the singer who has the reputation of being quite modest about her private life. She does not give details on her family, nor on her sexual orientation, and even less on her love affair with Marie Papillon.

So will fans have the chance to find out more on November 26? It is very likely. This documentary will paint a portrait of his flawless humor, which is unanimous on Instagram. In short, Netflix promises it, this film is ” spontaneous, funny, original and authentic“Basically, everything that sticks to Angela’s skin!

Universal then speaks of a very interesting project which “ swill be illustrated by completely new images, archival or current images, punctuated by testimonies from relatives ”.

Angèle: her fans are delighted!

On Instagram, the streaming giant therefore declared: “ Angèle, we love you. Angèle, we love you. Angèle, the Netflix documentary, November 26. » Chose which amply delights its community. The positive comments scroll by hundreds: ” We will have fever with this document “,” a marvel, I can’t wait to see it “.

Or : ” Oh my god I love Angela she is talented rahahah “,” it is so cool, we’ve been waiting for it for a long time ”, ” Very good ! how I love this singer. I will be the first in front of Netflix I promise! “

The name of the documentary is none other than “Angèle”. It was therefore produced by Sébastien Rensonnet and Brice VDH who know Roméo Elvis’ sister particularly well. Indeed, Brice VDH was at his sides for the realization of the clip of “Toutoubler”.

A clip that made great noise on the canvas, because of its pretty realization. So it is clear that this documentary lives up to all our expectations. Especially since it will be released just before the French star’s next album.

This is what she revealed on her Instagram account. So we can see the poster of his next album Ninety-five, which will go on sale on December 10. Another wonderful news for the end of 2021!

To this is also added his tour on April 20, 2022. Angèle will sing throughout the France, starting with Reims on April 20, 2022, to finish in style at the Arena in Paris on December 2, 2022.


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