Netflix teases the first episodes of “La Casa de Papel” season 5!

Season 5 of “La Casa de Papel” hits Netflix on September 3rd. In the meantime, discover the teaser of the first episodes.

Many fans are waiting for the arrival of season 5 of “La Casa de Papel”, on Netflix. In order to make them wait, the streaming platform has just teaser the very first episodes. MCE TV reveals everything from A to Z!

What does this teaser tell us?

During the last season of “La Casa de Papel”, the team of robbers had to say goodbye to Nairobi. At the same time, the Professor had the right to a confrontation with the policewoman, Alicia. Suffice to say that fans of the Netflix series wanted to know what happened next!

But they don’t have much longer to wait. Indeed, season 5 of “La Casa de Papel” will land on September 3rd, on the platform. To be patient, they even have the right to a teaser of the first episodes!

Indeed, Netflix has just published a short video on Instagram. In the first episode, entitled “At the end of the roll”, you will discover a duel at the top between The Professor and Alicia. And the least one can say is that the man seems trapped.

In the teaser for the second episode, titled “Do you believe in reincarnation?” We see Denver and Julia trying to escape. In the third episode, named “Welcome to the spectacle of life”, Rio and Tokyo seem more in love than ever.

You will need to have strong nerves for episode 4 (“Your Place in Heaven”). According to the images of the Netflix France Instagram account, our favorite robbers will meet again at the heart of a terrible explosion.

But that’s not all. For episode 5, named “Live your lives”, The Professor will have a flashback to Berlin. So this promises a season 5 of the most surprising. MCE TV tells you more.

Netflix teases the first episodes of “La Casa de Papel” season 5!
Netflix teases the first episodes of “La Casa de Papel” season 5!

What do fans of the Netflix series think?

If we take a quick glance at the Instagram post of Netflix France, we realize that fans of “La Casa de Papel” are even more eager to find out what will happen to their favorite robbers.

Some people wonder if Berlin will come back to life. Others wonder if Nairobi is really dead. Truth be told, we just saw her get shot and dying.

Furthermore, some internet users were disappointed that season 5 of “La Casa de Papel” on Netflix be made up of only 5 episodes.

« Hope each episode lasts at least 1h because 5 episodes are light… ”, commented one of them. “Only 5 episodes? How are we going to hold out until the sequel? “, wrote another surfer.

This did not stop others from rejoicing. “Ah yes, I’m going to come home from school and 5 episodes of “La Casa de Papel” will be waiting for me ! », can we thus read.

If we continue reading the comments, we realize that fans of “La Casa de Papel” also criticize Netflix for release season 5, at the start of the school year.

Yes, we will have to organize ourselves. ” I am going to watch her during class “,” I’m clearly going to spend my weekend watching “,” But I’m going to be in class … Okay, Friday night! ” “, imagined Netflix subscribers. See you on Friday!