Netflix signs its first fashion collab with Balmain for Jay-Z’s film!

On the occasion of the release of Jay-Z’s film on Netflix, Balmain will release a capsule collection on November 3, designed by Olivier Rousteing.

Jay-Z fans may be eagerly awaiting the film’s release The Harder They Fall on Netflix. But if you are fans of Beyoncé’s husband, and on top of that by Olivier Rousteing and Balmain, you should be even more elated when you learn the following.

Shawn Carter unveils his film

Because yes, a collaboration between the feature film and the rapper’s film would be acted out. No, the actors in the film are not going to wear high fashion pieces in the different scenes. However, the artistic director of Balmain imagined a collection for this occasion.

Indeed, as our colleagues from Vanity Fair, the film in question will be released this Tuesday on Netflix. You can also find great actors such than Idris Elba and Jonathan Majors. But what will the project talk about?

Once again, the media gave the answer. By making known: « the story deals with an African-American slave who became one of the most legendary cowboys of the Far West. » And as you can imagine, the capsule collection has a connection with the universe.

We invite you to take a look at the pictures below to get a preview of the pieces that will be unveiled. You can find colors there in shades of brown and a link with the Wild West.

The whole, in order to make a wink with the universe of the feature film. But if you thought that Olivier Rousteing was going to rock this collection without saying more about his idea, you were totally wrong.

The artistic director saying more about his project. About how his ideas came to be. But above all, on his childhood which would still have a link with the film to appear on Netflix.

Netflix signs its first fashion collab with Balmain for Jay-Z's film!
Netflix signs its first fashion collab with Balmain for Jay-Z’s film!

Netflix and Jay-Z collaborate with Balmain

“I spent a much of my childhood watching American westerns. They focus on the same plots. And the same messages. Questions and themes that are told around the world. And this for millennia. “

First lets know whoever leaves the pieces thanks to the new project of Netflix. Before adding:“This is what makes their power as incredible as it is lasting (…). It’s universal, of course. But at the same time many of these films were limited by the prejudices of their time. »

Olivier Rousteing revealing that he thought what he saw in the movies was reality. It was only as an adult that he knew it had nothing to do: “It was only when I became an adult that I understood. Understood that the westerns of my childhood were often far from reality of the American West of the 19th century. “

The artistic director finally concluding: « These films, with their entirely white cast … ignored an incredible story… Where a third of the cowboys were African-American. Most of them were recently freed slaves. Who went west in the hope of a better life. “

It’s thanks to all these memories and knowledge that he could imagine a collection who will adapt to the next film on Netflix. And no doubt the fans are eager to see it all.


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