Netflix: Shonda Rhimes wrote the new series “Inventing Anna”!

It’s no secret that Netflix never leaves anything to chance. So, Shonda Rhimes wrote the Inventing Anna series.

Once again, Netflix is ​​putting the small dishes in the big ones. And for good reason, the famous Shonda Rhimes wrote the Inventing Anna series. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Netflix is ​​unanimous

It’s no secret that Netflix has established itself as the number 1 in online streaming. And for good reason, his programs were a huge success. Yes, just that!

It must be said that Netflix never lacks inspiration. Many and new programs then land in its catalog. In short, his loyal subscribers never seem to be at the end of their surprises. What to delight the latter then.

By the way, the online streaming giant just broke a record. Indeed, the series Squid Game then established itself as the most watched series in the world. It’s really a full box!

But in reality, Netflix does not intend to stop on such a good momentum. Season 3 of You disembarks then in its catalog and is unanimous. The viewers were therefore able to find Joe and Love.

Besides, the crazy couple try this season to lead a normal life. It must be said that their little boy Henry did not ask for anything. But this new part promises to be once again rich in twists and turns for the latter. Ouch!

But that’s not all. A large number of new products are about to appear on Netflix. This is the case with the Inventing Anna series which is likely to make a lot of noise. Besides, the famous Shonda Rhimes is found at the head of the project. MCE TV tells you more!

Shonda Rhimes does really hard with Inventing Anna

Netflix is ​​once again very strong. Indeed, the online streaming platform collaborates with Shonda Rhimes and proposes a new program. The Inventing Anna series is therefore preparing to land in its catalog.

And since Netflix never does things by halves, its new series will resume the story of the Anna Delvey affair. As a reminder, the young woman is known for her influential anarchs who have deceived NewYork since 2018.

Indeed, she scammed hotels, restaurants and luxury shops. In short, she allegedly defrauded over $ 275,000. She managed to deceive everyone into believing that she was the heir to a wealthy German family.

In reality, Inventing Anna will follow a journalist’s investigation who tries to clarify the affair Anna Sorokin, queen of the scam. While awaiting trial, the young woman is in prison.

While she has committed many thefts, the new star of Netflix is ​​therefore likely to obtain a heavy sentence. One thing is certain, viewers will find themselves in an astonishing intrigue.

The young woman negotiated the rights to her story with the streaming giant. She then asked for a very large sum of money. But for the latter, it’s a cold shower when she learns that she will not be able to benefit from it upon release from prison. And for good reason, the money will be given to its victims.

Besides, Shonda Rhimes is at the origin of this great project. After The Chronicle of Bridgerton, she then embarked on the writing of this new series. What to intrigue his loyal fans then.

FYI, the new Netflix series will consist of 10 episodes. She will disembark during the year 2022. Subscribers to the platform just have to get ready. To be continued.


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