Netflix reveals which spectator you are according to your astrological sign!

Netflix has something new. The streaming platform has just shared the personalities of the different astrological signs on Instagram.

Netflix is ​​all about the astrological signs right now. After announcing the arrival of a series based on astrological signs, the American giant has just shared on Instagram the different types of spectators according to their signs. MCE TV tells you more!

Netflix launches its own astro series

Over the years, astrology has gained more and more space. After having long considered out of date, it is therefore making its comeback.

On the Web, more and more influencers are embarking on the field of astrology. And that, Netflix understood it well!

To respond to this trend, the American giant then decided to create a series combining both romanticism and astrological signs. This is good news for all astrology fans!

His name will be “Astrological guide for broken hearts” in other words Astrological guide for broken hearts. This Italian series will then be available from October 27, 2021 on Netflix.

The story will retrace Alice’s love stories. Actress Claudia Gusmano will then play the central character of the series.

In the series, the young woman struggles to recover from her last breakup. She realizes that she is having trouble finding the right man for her. Corn one day everything changes in his life.

She then meets a man who manages to persuade her to seek love based on the different astrological signs. But it was without counting on the fact that Alice is of the sign of Libra.

Then it won’t be easy for her to know when the man of his life will point the tip of his nose. Netflix is ​​keen to capitalize on this trend for astrology.

The streaming platform has therefore unveiled to its subscribers the different personalities of each according to their signs. MCE TV tells you more!

What spectator are you?

This October 26, 2021, Netflix posted a publication that made its subscribers smile. Yes, on his Instagram account, the platform has therefore grouped together all the astros signs. What for ?

The American giant has decided to create a standard profile for each sign. Cancers, Taurus, Libra, Capricorn… Everyone had the right!

One thing is for sure this post did not go unnoticed. Quite the contrary! In barely 2 hours the publication does not count no less than 125,000 likes for this publication.

In the comments, the majority of subscribers confirm the typical profiles shown by Netflix. All except Scorpios who have not been the most spoiled. “Arrreteeeeez we have good tastes in real scorpions” wrote a fan.

For good reason, according to Netflix the Scorpions are signs of bad advice for the choice of series or films. So, you have to count on them to see the latest series that hits the mark. The platform then does a real buzz with this post.

So now there is only one day left to find out if the Libra are found this time in the character of Alice. Suspense !


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