Netflix reveals an explosive teasing of the western “The Power of the Dog”!

The Power of the Dog is revealed little by little. Jane Campion’s next feature film should land on Netflix on December 1.

Good news for fans of Jane Campion’s cinema ! Little by little, the director’s next feature film is revealed. This is a western named The Power of the Dog which will be broadcast exclusively on Netflix. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Netflix the leader in paid streaming

Started in the 90s, Netflix was originally a home DVD sales company. Subsequently, Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph even had the brilliant idea of create a rental store.

Bad luck, the enthusiasm for records quickly lost its luster. So much so that the two acolytes had to turn to a completely different approach.

A few years later, it is therefore paid streaming that the two friends chose to invest. And the least we can say is thatthis was a real genius idea.

A pioneer in the field, the American VOD service is today one of the favorites on the market. And for good reason ! Films, documentaries, cartoons, series.

There is something for all tastes and for all ages. Yet the competition is tough. Hulu, Disney +, OCS, Amazon Prime. More and more video-on-demand services are available.

Fortunately, Netflix has always known stand out in order to stay the course. In particular by promoting different cultures through the 7th art.

While Lupin does honor to France, Ragnarök allows subscribers to discover Norway. But that’s not all ! Who has killed Sara brings viewers to Mexico and Dark makes them live an extraordinary adventure in Germany.

But if the platform has always wanted promote world cinema, SVOD is also the king when it comes to quality feature films.

The Power of the Dog bientôt disponible

If Netflix has been talked about a lot in recent days, it is in particular thanks to its collaboration with Jane Campion. Eh yes ! The famous director will be the next to sign a production broadcast exclusively on the platform.

An event eagerly awaited by moviegoers since the western already promises to be epic. In particular thanks to a cast of choice!

Elisabeth Moss, Thomasin McKenzie, Kirsten Dunst, Paul Dano, Jesse Plemons, but also and above all Benedict Cumberbatch. So many big names in cinema that already make cinema lovers salivate.

And for good reason ! Fans of the interpreter of Doctor Strange will also have the opportunity to discover their idol in a completely new role.

This time, the British actor will indeed slip in the shoes of a ranch owner with irritating personality. A mouth-watering character from the eponymous novel by Thomas Savage.

Unfortunately, we will have to wait a little longer before be able to view this little wonder. Jane Campion’s film will only be available from December 1 on Netflix. A first teaser has already been posted!


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