Netflix Releases Ultra Touching Violet Evergarden Trailer!

Are you ready to pull out the tissues? Find the moving trailer for the anime Violet Evergarden on Netflix!

Netflix reveals some images of the famous Japanese anime, Violet Evergarden. MCE TV gives you the details!

Violet Evergarden, the must-see series

We will soon be able to find the rest of the series on Netflix! For those who don’t know, Violet Evergarden is a Japanese light novel series. Very popular in Japan, the light novel is a type of Japanese novel. It is intended for an audience of young adults.

Violet Evergarden is a former soldier who becomes an ‘automatic memory doll’. She helps people write letters by transcribing their emotions.

The girl also struggles with her emotions. Indeed, words still resonate in his heart after 4 years of war. Violet tries to understand their meaning.

Since the end of Season 1, fans of the series have been eagerly awaiting the sequel. Kyoto Animation has announced that it is working on the scripts. A few hours ago Netflix France posts the trailer on Instagram. « Get your best handkerchiefs ready, Violet Evergarden, the movie arrives November 19. »

The fans express their emotions with joy. ” This anime is just awesome and beautiful, I recommend it »Says a surfer on Instagram. There are others who respond as well. ” Netflix you are ruthless, the tears will fall again“. And yes, it announces the color!

The series received the award for best animation of the year at the Tokyo Anime Award Festival. We are therefore impatiently awaiting the sequel on Netflix! Suddenly, the series will be released at the end of this year or in early 2022 !

Netflix Releases Ultra Touching Violet Evergarden Trailer!
Netflix Releases Ultra Touching Violet Evergarden Trailer!

Animes on Netflix

a anime (or animated) is a Japanese animated series or film. Among the Japanese, the anime arrives with the popularization of manga. They are specific to the culture of the country. Manga and anime arrive in France and other Western countries and suddenly are a hit.

The attraction to this genre explodes during confinement. Platforms such as Netflix then broadcast animated series and films en masse in 2020.

Suddenly, a lot of people started to use the platform. For people who don’t did not know the animated, it is the revelation!

Often offered in series, anime episodes are often seen in original version. Japanese animation fans say they watch the series in Japanese with French subtitles.

But as so often, at the end of a season, it is suspense. The curious want to know the rest! The advantage is that the anime is often an adaptation of a manga. The fans are impatient! So they buy the manga to get the sequel.

Many anime are a hit on Netflix! So, MCE TV has classified some popular anime on Netflix for you:

  • The attack of the Titans
  • Naruto
  • My Hero Academia
  • Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Violet Evergarden
  • Hunter x hunter

And of course there are all the other classics. ‘Spirited Away’ again shatters records. Miyazaki’s work is always a hit. Even after 20 years. We love !